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Parts by Number for Temperature Label Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
0800337 Digi-Key Phoenix Contact Computers, Office - Components, Accessories HIGH-TEMPERATURE LABEL
111-T1K10S ASAP Semiconductor EPC Not Provided Label High-Temperature Kapton

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  • What is a Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD)?
    Process Monitoring | Sanitary Sensors | Signal Conditioners | Stepper Motors | Strain Gages | Strip Heaters | Temperature Controllers | Temperature Labels | Temperature Measurement | Temperature Sensor Manufacturing | Temperature Transmitters | Thermal Imagers | Thermistors | Thermocouple
  • Process temperature measurement practice--non-contacting
    varies with the. same material. wavelength and is proportional to their thickness. The. 2. For relatively low temperatures (up to 260 °C [500. transmission is higher in thin materials than in thicker. °F]) attach special plastic labels with an adhesive. materials. For optimal temperature measurements
  • What Happens When You Heat A Label? (.pdf)
    the storage. condition of labels is critical to prevent adhesive ooze. Label manufacturers are. always well advised to store labels in cool, dry conditions. The type of chemical family used in the backbone of the polymer chains has the. most significant influence on the temperature resistance
  • Right Choice of Label Material is a Critical (.pdf)
    , will be used both indoors and outdoors, features a smooth painted metal surface on. which a thermal transfer-printed IUID label will be affixed, and will be exposed to UV and occasional. temperature extremes. By knowing such criteria ahead of time, the label material supplier may recommend. a construction
  • Should Sheath Temperature Be Used in Assessing Suitability (.pdf)
    Point. 1. each. PETK-3D. Power and End Termination Kit. 1. each. FT-1H. Fiberglass Cloth Tape. 2.38. roll(s). CL. Caution Labels. 11. each. 2. Form TT126-0709. Should Sheath Temperature Be Used in Assessing Suitability. for Plastic Pipe or Temperature Sensitive Fluid Applications
  • Temperature and Humidity Monitoring in Ice Wine Harvesting
    CAS DataLoggers recently provided the temperature and humidity monitoring solution for a small winery in Ohio which was waiting for winter temperatures to drop low enough to harvest an acre of grapes to make ice wine. Temperature Monitoring in Ice Wine Harvesting | CAS. Data Loggers for All
  • Temperature Limits for Drive Belts
    the body temperature drops to less than 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Symptoms of hypothermia include uncontrollable shivering, slow speech, memory lapses, frequent stumbling, drowsiness, and exhaustion. If frostbite or hypothermia is suspected, begin warming the person slowly and seek immediate medical
  • Flame Retardant Label Materials (.pdf)
    (or spark). If these gases (or vapors) are not present, or if oxygen. levels are “too low”, then ignition cannot occur. One indication of a material‟s hazard level (i.e. ability to burn) is measured by what is known as its “flash point” The flash point of a. chemical is the lowest temperature where enough