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  • Controller Specification
    With an increasing range of temperature and process controllers on the market it can be hard to select the most appropriate controller for your application. This whitepaper will walk you through the different criteria to consider when choosing your controller, helping you identify where cost
  • Implementing a PID Controller Using a PIC18 MCU
    Continuous processes have been controlled by feedback loops since the late 1700's. In 1788, James Watt used a flyball governor on his steam engine to regulate its speed. The Taylor Instrument Company implemented the first fully functional Proportional, Integral and Derivative (PID) controller
  • Process Control Application Note
    Most industrial processes require that certain variables such as temperature, flow, level or pressure, remain at or near some reference value (setpoint). Closed-loop control is used to achieve this. The process controller looks at a signal representing the process value, compares it to the desired
  • Monitoring Flammable Vapors and Gases in Industrial Processes
    Gas Sensing Details Cancel. 09/21/2012 Control Instruments Corp. Edit Article Effects of Process Temperature on LFL Measurement Gas Sensing Details Cancel. 09/21/2012 Control Instruments Corp. Edit Article How To Select a Continuous Solvent Vapor Monitor to Meet NFPA 86 Requirements Gas Sensing
  • Advantages of Digital Panel Meters
    Variables in processes like temperature, pressure, vibration, frequency, voltage, and current must constantly be monitored. Measuring these variables (and others) requires process control instrumentation such as panel meters, bargraphs and controllers. These instruments are available in both analog
  • Automation comes to wet-processing stations
    ) on Amerimade's automated wet-processing stations lets operators download various recipes and perform other monitoring and control functions. CTC Model 2700 controllers let the machines adapt to fit into many different manufacturing applications. The 5100 Series Blue Fusion controller incorporates
  • PAT: The Value of Better Control
    This quick, one-time registration gives you access to members-only site benefits. Other challenging dynamic problems occur in very slow processes, where the process responds hours or even days after a control change is made. MPC mathematics includes a long memory of the past process dynamics
  • Top 10 secrets for molding PC parts
    spec. Due to thermal diffusivity, PC melt temperatures can be difficult to control. Proper temperature control constants can help reduce the time needed to stabilize the process after start-up and prevent melt temperature override. The relatively high viscosity of PC resins requires screw velocity

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