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  • CAL Temperature Controllers Enhance Quality of Medical Research
    CAL temperature controllers from West Control Solutions are helping laboratory OEMs to provide the best possible conditions for research into the treatment of diseases such as cancer. In particular, the CAL 3300 temperature controller is providing outstanding service in controlling the performance
  • Implementation of an improved controller
    without incident. This leads to a conceptual picture of the control process required for the digester. A controller will have a DP setpoint, and read as many of the process variables, p, as it can. Using these data, the controller will attempt to specify a maximum temperature for the digester
  • Software for Programmable Automation Controllers (.pdf)
    This white paper explores some important features of programming software for a programmable automation controller (PAC). Software for Programmable Automation Controllers. (PACs). Sof. t. w. a. Programmable automation controllers (PACs
  • CAL controllers boost business for aerospace component processor
    Manufacturer. I am a Distributor. Products. Product Categories. Single Loop Controllers. Multi-loop Controllers. Limit Controllers. Process Indicators. Recorders and Data Acquisition. Transmitters. Thyristors. Brands. CAL. Partlow. PMA. West. Obsolete Products. Popular Products. 1400+ 1/4 DIN Controller. 1160
  • Options for Semiconductor Process Tool Temperature Control (.pdf)
    alternative. process fluid flow rates, and better. • Low Logarithmic. to chillers. The two critical. control of process fluid supply. Mean Temperature. variables enabling the use of heat. temperatures. Difference. exchangers are facilities water. supply temperature and process. Example. Figure 1: Thermo
  • Extrusion Processes
    for. Basic Extruder. different compounds. Basic Extruder Machine. 3. The metering zone has a constant channel depth and primarily. The feedscrew, barrel, and temperature controller form a section. exists to further mix molten resin. The end result is a smooth. of the extruder called the plastication unit
  • Improve Bioreactor Performance by Using Mass Flow Controllers
    When pharmaceutical companies scale-up cell cultures to bulk production levels, one primary concern is establishing the precise nutrient mix that generates maximum yield. Mass flow controllers (MFCs) can provide the precision control of gases (e.g., air, oxygen, carbon dioxide) the process demands
  • Interfacing Microchip's Fan Speed Controllers to a SPI TM
    Microchip's TC642, TC643, and TC646 are the world's first integrated circuits dedicated for controlling and monitoring fan speed. The new family of fan speed controllers modulate fan speed to compensate for changes in system temperature. This means the fan runs at full speed only when necessary