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  • Industrial Partitions-Image
    Industrial Partitions - (297 companies) divide toilets and urinals for personal privacy. Demountable wall partitions - Also known as modular walls, demountable wall partitions are fixed wall sections. When assembled with other partitions or panels, they form fences, walls or enclosures... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Industrial Curtains - (91 companies)
    Industrial curtains separate a work environment with a hanging, flexible material. Products include curtain walls, laser curtains, mesh partitions, privacy screens, stage curtains, and welding curtains. Materials of construction and dimensions... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Room Partitions - (199 companies)
    Room Partitions Information. Room partitions are used to separate interior space for work or privacy. They are used in a variety of commercial, industrial and educational settings. There are two major categories of room partitions: folding panel... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Retaining Walls - (90 companies)
    ...concrete is directly proportional to the retaining wall 's cross-sectional area. Pre-cast concrete walls are also available. With these retaining walls, the concrete is cast in a mold or form, cured in a controlled environment, and then transported... Learn More
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    Wall Coatings - (120 companies)
    Wall coatings are decorative or protective layers that are applied to a building 's interior or exterior walls. They are viscous enough to avoid running and provide abrasion and environmental resistance. Wall coatings are decorative or protective... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Curtain Walls - (130 companies)
    ...through connections at the floors or columns. Most curtain walls are made with extruded aluminum members. By pushing or drawing a billet of aluminum through a die, curtain wall suppliers can create members with a fixed cross-sectional profile... Learn More
  • Beams, Joists, and Wall Studs - (224 companies)
    ...that are needed. Joists are laid out in parallel and may be supported by larger beams, bearing walls, or steel girders. There are two basic types of joists: floor joists and roof joists. Floor joists are the principal elements in a wooden floor. The flooring... Learn More
  • Siding and Exterior Wall Coverings - (318 companies)
    Siding and Exterior Wall Coverings Information. Siding is used to cover the exterior of a building for protective and decorative purposes. These building products are made of a variety of materials. Choices include aluminum, brick, cedar, composite... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Staffing and Recruiting Services - (1148 companies)
    Staffing and recruiting services provide workers on a temporary or permanent basis. Image Credit: Capital Tech Search, Inc. Staffing and recruiting services provide workers to companies with hiring needs. They are contracted or hired by businesses... Learn More
  • Hoppers - (468 companies)
    Image Credit: DME Company | Metalfab, Inc. | National Bulk Equipment, Inc. Hoppers are used for the temporary storage of materials. They are designed so that stored material can be dumped easily. Types of Hoppers. There are many different types... Search by Specification | Learn More
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...toward an observation deck above the fog layer. A roof over your head it is not. Then what is it? A temporary installation about sensory deprivation and overload, according to project architect Eric Bunge. Call it "textitecture." Photographs screened onto prefab concrete and glass panels cover...

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Operable Wall - Operate Custom Partition Walls - Skyfold...
Temporary Partition Wall Skyfold?s temporary partition wall is ideal for anywhere a room divider is required.

The leader in vertically folding operable walls - Skyfold...
TEMPORARY PARTITION WALL |modular wall system|panel room divider|demountable wall systems|modular wall

USB flash drive - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Cell membrane - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Not to be confused with cell wall. Illustration of a Eukaryotic cell membrane

Guarding floor and wall openings and holes. - 1910.23
Guarding floor and wall openings and holes. Every temporary wall opening shall have adequate guards but these need not be of standard construction.
See Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) Information

GCC 4.6 Release Series — Changes, New Features, and...
The -Wunused-but-set-variable warning is enabled by default by -Wall flag and -Wunused-but-set-parameter by -Wall -Wextra flags.

Except for the temporary exhibit space in room 128, these individual galleries can be categorized into three groups according to the architectural

Modular Offices, Modular Buildings, Walls & Partitions,...
Office Wall Partition Offices Organic Chemistry Laboratories
See Allied Modular Building Systems, Inc. Information

Setting Temporary Dimensions for Walls in Revit - The Mad...

Reservoir with moveable partition for quick recovery - Patent...

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