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Tenderometer-Meßgerät von FTC Food Technologie Corperation Tenderometer Spezialgerät zur Bestimmung des Reifegrades (Zartheitsgrades) von Gemüse.

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The FTC Model TU is far and away the world's most widely used Tenderometer!
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Tenderometer Digital Reading Tenderometer The JBT 4011 Digital Tenderometer measures the tenderness of shelled vegetables.
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Volodkevich bits Tenderometer Denture Tenderometer MIT Denture Tenderometer General Foods Texturometer Allo-Kramer Shear Press

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degree of doneness); moisture, fat nitrogen hydroxyproline; shear values (tenderometer, Wolodkewich types); farm live weight, carcass weight

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Tenderometer for measuring texture properties of foods in relation to thermal processing (type FMC)

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Pea Tenderometer. We all know that you cant improve what you cant measure.

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