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  • What are Force Gauges?
    Jonard Force Gauges (also referred to as Dynamometer or Tension Gauges) are all ergonomically designed industry standards for measuring force.
  • Slitter-Rewinders Benefit from Segmented Tension Roll Transducers (.pdf)
    controlled tension as they are being wound onto individual winders with individual cores. Even when differential winding shafts are used, uniform winding tension is required to achieve roll-to-roll consistency of the finished narrow web rolls. Gauge band variations across wide film substrates (being
  • Introduction to Strain Gages
    Strain Gages (gauges): What is a Strain gage? A Strain gage (sometimes refered to as a Strain Gauge) is a sensor whose resistance varies with applied force; It converts force, pressure, tension, weight, etc., into a change in electrical resistance which can then be measured. A Strain gage
  • Weigh Scale Applications for the MCP3551
    trade-offs. +Input The circuits presented in this application note have been realized in the MCP355X Sensor Application Developer's Board whose block diagram is shown inCompression Tension Figure 2. This board includes two microcontrollers. The PIC16F877 performs the basic weigh scale function
  • Needle Pull-out Test
    The customer, Oxford Instruments, wished to perform a destructive pull-out test to evaluate the maximum tension force to pull the 2 components apart. The system was designed to confirm the tensile integrity of the crimped ferrule on the end of a hypodermic needle. The system was constructed using