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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
MCP73871 Microchip Technology, Inc. Microchip Technology, Inc. Not Provided device employs a constant current/constant voltage (CC/CV) charge algorithm with selectable charge termination point. The constant voltage regulation is fixed with four available options: 4.10V, 4.20V, 4.35V, or 4.40V. Integrated System Load Sharing and Battery Charge Management. Simultaneously Power...
67469-7 Powell Electronics, Inc. TE Connectivity Not Provided Feed-to Post; Post Size = 0.79 x 1.57 [.031 x .062] mm [in]; Gold Flash over Nickel Contact Mating Area Plating Material; Termination Style = TERMI-POINT;
2-330495-4 Powell Electronics, Inc. TE Connectivity Not Provided Clip-Style Contact; Post Size = 0.79 x 1.57 [.031 x .062] mm [in]; Tin Contact Mating Area Plating Material; Termination Style = TERMI-POINT;
3-67042-4 Powell Electronics, Inc. TE Connectivity Not Provided Clip-Style Contact; Post Size = 0.56 x 0.91 [.022 x .036] mm [in]; Tin Contact Mating Area Plating Material; Termination Style = TERMI-POINT;
PTM62P1K PLC Radwell Siemens Building Technologies PLCs/Machine Control, PLC Module & Rack MODULE TERMINATION POINT STD 2 ANALOG INPUT 1K OHM
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  • Electrical Termination & Mounting Configurations of UltraVolt HVPSs
    As with any precision electronic device, proper mounting and electrical termination is necessary for trouble-free and reliable operation of an UltraVolt high-voltage power supply (HVPS). Improper electrical termination of UltraVolt HVPSs can cause damage to the electrical connectors of the power
  • Proper Signal Termination of 422 Data Transmission Signals (.pdf)
    but will encounter proper termination once it gets back to the driver eliminating any. additional reflections. As a result, data rates will still need to stay low. In addition to signal reflection,. another major disadvantage is that series termination is only appropriate for point-to-point applications
  • Ultrasonic Metal Welding for Wire Splicing and Termination
    but the characteristics of these processes and the materials to be joined are at odds with one another. Still, users have become accustomed to the problems associated with fusion welding to the point that the problems are considered "normal." Ultrasonic welding of nonferrous metals in electrical connections has
  • Application Note: Point Styles and Applications Reference
    Devices. Chaney Adapter. Built-In Chaney Adapter. Syringe Guide. Built-In Syringe Guide. Syringe Termination Adapters. Disposable Tip Adapter. Septum Adapter. MTB Sampling Valve. Removable Needle to Luer Adapter. PB-600-1 Repeating Dispenser. Syringe Rack. Syringe and Needle Cleaning Accessories
  • Cable Innovation makes Industrial Networking Easier, Faster and More Reliable (.pdf)
    the cabinet to. termination points. Shields and tapes can unwrap and expose the inner. twisted pairs. In addition to being messy, unraveled shields can short-. circuit before the intended grounding point—causing loss of electrical. shielding or potential y introducing new electrical noise. Previous time
  • Application Note - Control Chassis Grounding
    points may be provided in the form of a ground lug or spade. Consult. the instruction manual to verify whether a screw terminal or spade pin is present for earth ground. If an earth ground termination point is not provided on the terminal strip or chassis directly, an. earth ground conductor may
  • Technical Reference: Syringe Selection Guide - Choosing the Right Syringe for your Application (.pdf)
    Hamilton offers seven core series with a wide range of delivery volumes, termination types, needle gauges, and needle point styles plus numerous speciality syringes. Hamilton's syringe series are grouped by sample type, application, and volume range. Our syringes are further supported by an array
  • AN202 LDM485 to LDM485 to Other RS-485 Devices Configuration
    . ,. A. ,. B. e. ,. A. ,. B. e. to put termination network into the. ,. -. i. c. ,. -. *. , +. circuit. v. *. , +. i. c. v. A. A. e. A. A. T. T. T. T. e. A. A. DA. D. DA. D. -. 485 D. -. 485 D. S. S. R. R. ®. 56. LDM485 Connections, Full Duplex – 4-wire, Point-to-Point. Pin 20 DTR must be asserted
  • Push-in Relays: Faster Connections
    . Installers find this technology particularly useful . and test procedures or rewire during live operation. No tools are required for wiring, since a ferruled wire. is connected to the contact point directly – without. The push-in termination technology actuation button. tools. These push-in relays
  • Solder Reflow Information
    Assembly of a surface mount device depends on many process. material and equipment parameters. Two of the most common. processes used are infrared (IR) and convection reflow. Skyworks. products come in three different termination finishes, depending. on the package. 200164B_SolderReflow.qxd

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