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Parts by Number for Test Centrifuge Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
IMC15 PLC Radwell Innovative Biosensors Inc Test Equipment, Multimeter CENTRIFUGE 15,000RPM 120VAC 290VA
46700 PLC Radwell Hill Scientific Test Equipment, Multimeter CENTRIFUGE 15,000RPM 120VAC 290VA

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  • Test it Right for Thin-Cake Filtration Operations
    with permission. • Gloves and breathing equip-. for all process engineers involved. Table 1: Data Collection Form for PLF Tests. ment. in the project. However, testing. Customer: ______________Test Number: ______________. Date: __________________Test Unit: __________________. • A regulated air or gas
  • Evaluating Thin-cake Pressure Filtration Using the BHS Autopress Technology
    range. tent in the cake. slurry was prepared with dry prod-. between 5 mm and 25 mm. uct and mixed with cold methanol. Results. (less than 20˚ C) for 30 minutes. Washing. Displacement washing. Table 1 contains the test data and. Slurry density was 180 grams/liter. tests also were performed
  • Products & Services 2
    a full-scale test. The results are virtually identical to what they will experience in full production, so the testing can prove conclusively that our system will meet their requirements, " comments Joe Smith, head of Sweco's Industrial Treatment Services division. In addition to the centrifuge, the trailer
  • Medical Device Link .
    , typically 4 C, then quickly ramps to the exact temperature required for the reaction or test conditions. A thermoelectric heat pump. One of the best examples of thermoelectric effectiveness in sample well plates is polymerase chain reaction (PCR) cycling. The objective is to amplify the DNA strands
  • Medical Device Link . ODU Snaps Up Medical Connectors Market
    harmonized test methods for the kinking properties of medical tubes. Objectives of the project include identifying the most adequate kinking parameters and verifying the practicality of the test methods on a wide range of medical tubes. Partners in the endeavor are the Danish Technological Institute's
  • Medical Device Link . Stabilization of Gamma-Irradiated Polycarbonate
    , polycarbonate resin (Makrolon 2608, Bayer Corp., Pittsburgh) was compounded with DCHP, TINTM, and DTDP in various amounts. The compounded pellets were injection molded into test specimens measuring 7.5 * 5 * 0.25 cm and irradiated at ambient conditions using a cobalt-60 gamma-radiation source to a dose
  • Medical Device Link . The future of automation in clinical laboratories
    labor-intensive tasks in a lab, such as sorting samples and loading and unloading the centrifuge. St. Mary's began to see significant results in just a matter of months. While testing volume was increased by 25%, the lab never increased its staff, and costs per test decreased. Also, while test
  • Medical Device Link . Microspheres, part 1:
    generated by a centrifuge can be performed to determine the amount of time necessary to spin down microspheres of a specific size.7 Microspheres <50 nm ( <0.050 um) may require >300,000 G to sediment them efficiently (i.e., a 10-cm/hr settling rate). Microsphere Sizes Suggested for Different Test Formats

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