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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
RE46C190 Microchip Technology, Inc. Microchip Technology, Inc. Not Provided OperationLow Quiescent Current ConsumptionInternal IRED driver with Programmable IRED CurrentProgrammable Photo AmplifierProgrammable Smoke Sensitivity Levels9 Minute Timer for Reduced Sensitivity OperationChamber Test with Programmable Sensitivity LevelInternal Low Battery Test with Programmable Threshold...
MCP661DM-LD Microchip Technology, Inc. Microchip Technology, Inc. Not Provided This demo board uses the MCP661 in a very basic application for high-speed op amps; a 50 Ω line (coax) driver. It gives: A 30 MHz solution. High speed PCB layout techniques. A means to test AC response, step response and distortion. Both the input and the output are connected to lab equipment...
DV164035 Microchip Technology, Inc. Microchip Technology, Inc. Not Provided firmware reload for fast debugging and for in-circuit re-programming. Programming times are improved up to 15x over MPLAB ICD 2. Low Voltage Emulation - MPLAB ICD 3 supports target supply voltages from 2.0 to 5.5 volts. Test Interface Module - Included with every MPLAB ICD 3 is a test module to test I/O...
4100C PLC Radwell Capacitec Test Equipment, Test/Meter Accessory Module CLOCK DRIVER CARD
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  • MRF24J40 Radio Driver
    The radio driver for the MRF24J40 is firmware that provides basic commands to help RF engineers or test engineers to test and verify the functionality of the MRF24J40 transceiver. Microchip. Chinese Japanese English. Products. PIC (R) Microcontrollers. 8-bit PIC (R) MCUs. 16-bit PIC (R
  • Matching MOSFET Drivers to MOSFETs
    . the gate charge value you use for calculating power. voltage and drain voltage. These conditions effect the. dissipation fits the conditions of your application. TABLE 1: DATA SHEET REPRESENTATION FOR GATE CHARGE. Pin. Parameter. Min. Typ. Max. Units. Test Conditions. Name. QG. Total Gate Charge
  • Matching Device Drivers with Embedded Hardware
    to be similar. area of Linux, open-source device drivers driver that can communicate with some Plenty of time must be available to create. developed by non-vendors are becoming higher-level protocol, such as DeviceNet and test a custom driver. It can be tricky to. more common. In some cases these device
  • Passive Sensing of Driver Intoxication (.pdf)
    . alcohol test before driving. There have been recent. breath is the only source of ethanol in the air, and that. proposals to mandate breath interlocks on new vehicles. ethanol and CO2 do not separate significantly as exhaled. [6]. University researchers have suggested that all. breath drifts from
  • Put It To The Test
    ingredients back and forth to. The company ended up earning. a Wisconsin-based test center, to ensure. The company’s plant manager de-. frequent driver miles as it hauled its. that it selected a mixer that could meet. cided that something could be done to. ingredients back and forth to a. its rigid
  • Vehicle and Occupant Responses in a Friction Trip Rollover Test (.pdf)
    of accelerometers on the top of the A-. pillar and base of the B-pillar. Figure 3 shows the driver and passenger in design. position. Hybrid III dummies were placed in the vehicle. Figure 1: Test setup with the vehicle on a dolly that. using the FMVSS 208 seating procedure. The H-point. allows the vehicle
  • A Closed-Loop Drive-train Model for HIL Test Bench (.pdf)
    This paper presents a hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) test bench for the validation of production transmission controls software, with a focus on a closed-loop vehicle drive-train model incorporating a detailed automatic transmission plant dynamics model developed for certain applications. Specifically
  • Software in the driver's seat
    Modern instrumentation gets a lot of power from driver software that gives users easy access to test functions. A typical test setup in a modern lab has rack-mounted instruments running under driver routines that simplify the task of manipulating instrument functions, displaying results

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