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  • Medical Device Link . Benchtop EMC Testing Techniques for Medical Equipment Using loop probes to help test devices for electromagnetic compatibility saves costly redesign and complements open area and chamber tests.
    for Medical Equipment Using loop probes to help test devices for electromagnetic compatibility saves costly redesign and complements open area and chamber tests. Scott Roleson A design may seem perfect; however, when electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) performance hasn't been considered, too often
  • Compression Set and Deflection Tests
    The term compression set test is the amount, measured in percentage, by which a standard rubber test piece fails to return to its original thickness after being subjected to a standard compressive load or deflection for a fixed period of time. The set test is used to determine the quality of rubber
  • IR Characterization of Bi-Propellant Reaction Control Engines During Auxiliary Propulsion Systems Tests at NASA's White Sands Test Facility In Las Cruces, New Mexico
    (NASA) White Sands Test Facility (WSTF) near Las Cruces, New Mexico. Typically, NASA has relied mostly on the use of ThermoCouples (TC) for this type of thermal monitoring due to the variability of constraints required to accurately map rapidly changing temperatures from ambient to glowing hot chamber
  • Sun's flawed tests delay Java certification process
    problems. The products being tested form the foundation of enterprise Web commerce sites. Sun engineers patched an unknown number of the almost 6,000 test programs, and 771 went on an "exclusion list, " meaning vendors don't have to run these tests to win the coveted "Java-compatible " certification
  • Performing Isolation Tests on High Voltage Power Supplies
    These tests are performed using an Ohmmeter to confirm that the three grounds are connected together only at the Star Connection in the HV Power Supply, which is to say that none of the grounds interconnect within the load. The tests (there are six of them) are specified in Table 1. When performing
  • CCD Test Methods
    cameras. Some of the measurements here are done by design, and some are performed on each camera in production. In this course, each test will be described and, where appropriate, tips will be given for performing these tests yourself. It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the other
  • IQC Brake Test System
    The IQC Brake Rotor/Drum Test system is designed for. 100% Resonance Frequency Inspection. Brake Rotors/. Drums are required to pass a series of tests to validate. that the modal parameters of a rotor/drum are within. product specifications. The Signalysis IQC System. brings traditional NVH
  • ADwin-Based System Tests Six Switches in Parallel
    Tests Six Switches in Parallel. Multi-axis motion control systems are used extensively for positioning in manufacturing. These systems often rely on feedback from position sensors to maintain closed-loop control for improved accuracy. In test and measurement applications, it is often desirable to use
  • Performing Low Voltage Continuity Tests With High Voltage Hipot Testers
    Manufacturers of heating elements, cable harnesses, and aerospace cables must commonly perform point to point continuity tests and hipot tests as part of their routine production line tests. The linking of a continuity test and hipot test when voltages exceed 1000 volts has previously only been
  • The New Era of Automated Test
    tests. Fortunately, Moore’s law is just as relevant for the next generation of test platforms and modular instrumentation. Coupled with a software-defined solution, these test systems are more than capable of keeping pace with the new developments in devices under test (DUTs). From Rack and Stack

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