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  • How to Test an RF Coaxial Cable using a VNA
    as possible. To choose the best cable for a test solution, one has to consider several factors such as: operating frequency, characteristic impedance, insertion loss, return loss/VSWR, power handling capacity, operating temperature, flexibility, size, weight, shielding and ruggedness, with cost
  • Thermocouple Extension Cable
    The leading supplier to Puerto Rican & Carribean power and process instrumentation industries came to us looking for a continuous 2.5 mile thermocouple extension cable to test the conditions of water surrounding a nuclear power plant. Because of the rigorous testing conditions the cable had
  • Troubleshoot Wire Cable Assemblies with Frequency-Domain-Reflectometry Application Note
    (FDR) is the measurement. technique. The Site Master is battery operated so it can be carried to aircraft locations or remote installations where. there is no line power available. Better yet, the diagnosis can be carried out at one convenient point where the. wire cable end connector is located
  • Computer Power User Article - The Power To Protect
    connectivity cable, which is USB on one end and what looks like a fat LAN cable connector on the other. Keep the cable safe, as my local Radio Shack didn t carry spares. The unit s 10 sockets (five backed up, five surge-protected) encourage heavy use, and the unit managed to power my test machine for 19
  • Computer Power User Article - It's Time To Switch Things Up
    It's Time To Switch Things Up November 2005 Vol.5 Issue 11 Page(s) 18-20 in print issue Add To My Personal Library It's Time To Switch Things Up If You Have The Peripherals, We Have The KVMs We re sure there are power users who only own one PC; we just don t know any. For years, the bulk
  • Computer Power User Article - Dual RW Duel
    with the DVR-106/A06. We wanted to see which one was the best. We set up these ATAPI units on a test PC with a 2.67GHz, 533MHz FSB P4; an Intel D845GEBV2 mobo; 384MB of DDR SDRAM; a 20GB Quantum lct20 hard drive; and WinXP Pro SP1. We then installed each DVD drive in turn as the primary device
  • Computer Power User Article - How The Torrents Flow
    XP Pro. I ran the torrents across a cable broadband connection that, according to s online test, provided 6,198Kbps download and 359Kbps upload bandwidth. My connection went through a router with UPnP support and ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite installed. With each program I tried
  • External Leveling Loop for a Microwave Signal Generator (.pdf)
    The power from the signal generator is leveled at the output connector of the signal generator. In general, additional components as used between the output connector of the Sweep Signal Generator and the Unit Under Test (i.e. Cable Assemblies, Isolators, etc..).
  • ANI-002: Synthesizer Evaluation Board Application Note
    The Synthesizer Evaluation Kit is designed for evaluating M/A-COM's synthesizers. The kit consists of two PCB assemblies, a data cable and the software to program the synthesizer. The motherboard supplies a clean, regulated voltage level to the VCO and PLL of the synthesizer and buffers the DATA
  • Time Warner - Case Study
    The major electrical outage that occurred in the United States in August 2003 represented. a major test of business continuity plans and UPS performance. The combination of huge. fluctuations in power quality that preceded the blackout, along with the outage itself, represented. some of the most
  • New Flame-Retardant Structural Adhesive
    (as tested on grit-blasted steel at 144 F). Two other flame-retardant products from Devcon - 5 Minute (R) Epoxy FR and Cable Cast FR - provide safety reliability in aerospace, mining, power distribution, and many other applications. Both are solvent-free and cure at room temperature. 5 Minute (R) Epoxy FR
  • | Electronics Industry News for EEs & Engineering Managers
    . Terayon plans to cut 20 percent of workforce Terayon Communication Systems, Inc., a Santa Clara, Calif.-based provider of cable modem devices, said it would cut about 20 percent of its workforce to reduce its operating costs. DAC to concentrate on low power issues MANHASSET, N.Y. — The major
  • Look Ma - no wires!
    The wireless buzz is not just confined to the world of cell phones and pagers. Industrial networking is also jumping on the wireless wagon. A wireless LAN network augments existing wired networks by providing network connectivity to places where running cable is either impossible or costly

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