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  • Description: Megger 550005B MGR-550005B/DS Single Phase Transformer Turns Ratio (TTR) Test Set This model replaces the earlier generation BID-550005 in the ER Rental Pool.

  • Supplier: Inspec Inc.

    Description: We are experts in calibrating and repairing electronic precision test and measurement equipment. We provide quick turnaround on all quotes and 5 day turnaround for in-house calibrations. We can also provide emergency 1-2 day turnaround with our priority calibration service. Calibrated equipment

    • Services Offered: Bench Repair (Off-site), Field / On-site Repair  , Calibration Service, Calibration Documentation, Installation / Start-up, OEM / Warranty Authorized Shop, Pick-up and Delivery, Preventative Maintenance / Service Contracts, Rapid Turnaround, Remanufacturing / Complete Rebuild, Rental
    • Electrical / Electronic Test: Analyzers, Automated Test Equipment (ATE), Data / Chart Recorder, Data / Chart Recorder, Multimeter / Electrical Meters, Generators (Function, Pulse, etc.), Oscilloscopes / Scopes, Power Supplies / Amplifiers, Specialty / Other
    • Process / Laboratory: Flow Instruments, Force Instruments, Furnaces / Ovens, Humidity / Moisture Instruments, Pressure / Vacuum Instruments, Temperature Instruments, Vacuum Instruments
    • Inspection / NDT: Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM), Dimensional Gages / Instruments, Hardness Testers, Materials Testing Equipment, Microscopes / Optical Instruments, Probes / Styli, Video / Imaging Equipment

  • Description: Testing Equipment is NIST Traceable and comes with a calibration Certificate per ANSI/NCSL Z540 conforming to an internal quality system based on ISO 17025.

    • Services Offered: Field / On-site Repair  , Calibration Service, Calibration Documentation, Rapid Turnaround, Rental / Lease, Troubleshoot & Repair
    • Electrical / Electronic Test: RF / Microwave Instruments, Specialty / Other
    • Location: North America, United States Only, Southwest US Only

  • Description: We are fully qualified to conduct a wide range of testing necessary for most US and European standards. If we do not have equipment on site to perform a specific test, we can arrange the procurement of the necessary equipment on a rental or lease basis. All testing is done on NIST-calibrated

    • Capabilities: Component / Product Comparison, Data Acquisition / Instrumentation, Field Evaluation / On-site Inspection, Evaluation / Trouble Shooting (FMEA), Testing / Simulation, Test Development, Test Fixtures / Equipment, Specialty / Other
    • Forms Tested / Certified: Capital Equipment, Components / Parts, Products, Samples
    • Services Offered: Electrical / Electronic Testing, Functional / ATE, Load / Capacity Testing, Performance Testing, Thermal Cycling / Shock
    • Accelerated (HALT / HASS): Yes

  • Description: No Description Provided

    • Expertise: Accelerometer / Vibration Sensor, Power Supplies / Amplifiers, Shakers, Shaker Controllers
    • Services Offered: Field / On-site Repair, Installation / Start-up, Rapid Turnaround, Rental / Lease, Upgrade Service
    • Location: North America, United States Only, Northeast US Only, Southern US Only, Southwest US Only, Northwest US Only, Midwest US Only, Canada Only, Europe Only

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