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  • Real-time quality inspection system for textile industries
    The defects are recognized by the texture analyzer and send to the validation module which decides on the quality level of the textile .
  • The biophysical-histological behavior of the living eye tissues the Gullstrand Chen under normal and pathological conditions in the polarized light Nernst slit...
    Ihrend W ~ generally the conjunctiva structure recognizable in the polarized Liehte under analyser minimum position in subepithelialen Sehiehten mostly radigr znm Limbus verl~i,uft... ...konzentriseh to the limb ausgew ~ gt is the lower connective tissue structure slightly grSber in...
  • Over the wall construction of the Vena of cava caudalis of an adult pimple whale
    As this method of my knowledge hereby it to was applied erstenmal systematically to the analysis of the tissue structures of an animal object, nigher are described sic:]) AS Zeiss angular... ...a device to synchronous]) rehung of the polarization apparatus (polarizer + analyser ).
  • Histology
    The light so rotated in its vibration direction doesn't become anymore extinguished of the second filter ( analyser ) and structures appear thereby brightly before dark Hintergrund.DieFähigkeit,dieSchwingungsrichtungpo- larisierten light to rotate double refraction (anisotropy) is called. the investigation of crystalline substances (e.g. of urinary crystals) and of tissues that oriented molecules...
  • Stryer biochemistry
    ...Struktur329 activated manganese center 577-579 d-Mannose323f Struktur323 Mannose-6-phosphate Maltotriose 457 339 Mannose-6-phosphat-Marker,Bildung339 α-d-Mannose, ring form 327 α-d-Mannose, structure 346 marathon 817 Margoliash, E. 548 mass analyser 93 mass spectrometry 92... ...2 Metabolon 516 metal ion catalysis, 726, 914 f-oxidation 311 Struktur29 methionine material change 704 Methioninsulfoxid...
  • Glastechnische manufacture errors
    ...weathering products 70 weathering test 487, 488 distortions 76 - the pattern (pulied pattern) 464 decorations 424 delay 4, 30, 304 delay appearance 4, 5 Vickers diamonds 107, 579 Vickersdiarnant- pyramids 554 much channel analysers 149, 155 much material systems, optical Gl et... Honeycomb structure (checkcr pattern) 469 waxes 511, 513 Wackelbodcn 442,445 heat 42 -, spezifi sche 16, 36...
  • Traineeship in material information
    Electroplate, 539 287 gas constant Gammagerät 627 gas carburizing, 424 299 gas friction Gasnitrieren, 705 structures 24, 314, 729 Gefüge analyser , 158 Gefüge training 155, 24, 261 Gefüge component, Gefüge structure ...embrittlement 333 violence fraction 683 GGG60, 355 change of shape energy hypothesis, 501 tissues , casting temperature, 26...
  • The biophysical-histological behavior of the living eye tissues the Gullstrand Chen under normal and pathological conditions in the polarized light Nernst slit...
    logisehen tissue structure achieves wiirde. In the event of the implied Intensit ~ of tsmaximums, the minor axis of the Sehwingungseltipsen of the gap tampen partially polarized light with the Schwingungsriehtung of the analyser would coincide then by this Versuehsanordnung with the gro ~ e by the...
  • Bases of the Molecular medicine
    ...coli shows MMR missing match repair MODY mimicry Molecular to Maturity onset of diabetes in the young identity or similarity of Epitopen of different origin or different chemical structure ; can by similarity of... ...immunological reactions against own tissue and therewith for autoimmune... ...a typical mass spectrometer contains 3 main parts: an ion source, a mass analyser and a detector...
  • Numerical simulation of the Kristallisationsfoulings on wärmeübertragenden surfaces
    This electrical capacitance depends not only on the physiko-chemischen structure of the regenerated porous material also of the permanent and induced dipoles of the adsorbate molecules. ...measurement of adsorption equilibria substantially of a Mikrowaage and a on an impedance analyser connected cylinder capacitor.

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