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  • The Effect of Mounting Technique on the Microstructure of Thermal Barrier Coating (TBC) (.pdf)
    The characterization of a thermal barrier coating (TBC) using routine metallographic methods has has investigators uncertain as to the authenticity of the microstructure concerning porosity, cracking and other features. Mounting is a very important step in the process. A greater understanding
  • The 100HE Plasma Torch - a technical solution to thermal barrier coatings
    . This large process window is clearly evident when spraying thermal barrier coatings. The 100 HE can easily achieve coating porosity levels from 0.5% to 25%, with or without vertical cracks. Impressive when sprayed at powder feed rates up to 300 grams/minute and deposit efficiencies 3 to 10 times greater
  • Power Engineering - The Art and Craft of Applying Thermal Barrier Coatings to Improve Life Expectancy
    T hermal barrier coatings (TBCs) protect turbine components from oxidation and corrosion and effectively provide greater durability and reliability to turbine engines. The importance of protecting turbines from the degradation caused by high temperature and wear is fully understood and has been
  • What is Thermal Spraying
    coatings atmospheric corrosion control high temperature oxidation and corrosion control electric resistance and conductivity net- and near-net shaped component manufacturing abrasive, anti-fretting, and erosion wear resistance thermal barrier coatings. The following table summarizes the comparison
  • Hard-Coating Removal That s Easy on the Environment
    what you need to know. The AWJ process works especially well on tough coatings that see extreme environments, like molybdenum- chromium-aluminum-yttrium (MCrAlY) ceramic thermal-barrier coatings (TBCs) that protect superalloys in gas turbines. Despite careful engineering of the coatings, intermediate
  • Achieving Functional Excellence with Silicone Coatings
    examples. and application methods. coating methods include high-basis-weight. Characteristics of. nonwovens or high-sett woven fabrics. Coating Method. Outcomes. Appropriate Coatings. Coating Methods. where high coat weight is desired for. Examples of commonly used. thermal or barrier protection. Needs
  • Metal Coatings
    thermal and mechanical conditions. One of the most common and inexpensive protection methods for steel is provided by zinc. Zinc-coated, or galvanized, steel is produced by various hot-dipping techniques, but more steel companies today are moving into electrogalvanizing so they can provide both. Oxidation
  • The Advantages & Disadvantages of Pre-Coating Pleated Filter Cartridges
    . Pharmaceutical. Plasma Cutting. Thermal Spray. Weld Fume. Wet Machining (Mist Collection). Woodworking. Custom OEM Applications. Other Applications. Replacement Filters & Parts. PowerCore Filter Packs. Cartridge Filters. Bag Filters. Pleated Bag Filters. Panel Filters. Replacement Parts. Buy Now

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