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  • Gas concentration measurement with thermal flow sensors
    Several different sensor solutions exist to measure gas concentrations by means of spectroscopy, electrochemical reactions, thermal conductivity, ultrasonic waves and other methods. In such cases where gas flow and concentration measurement are required simultaneously, a one-sensor-measures-all
  • Reducing Contact Resistance Errors in Thermal Properties Measurements (.pdf)
    for the silver grease were. sand and four sizes of glass beads. Values for the. generally a little higher. Increasing the particle. measurements are shown in Table 1. diameter increased the measurement error in the. glass bead samples when no grease was used,. Findings. but the thermal conductivity of even 6
  • Improved Method for CO2 Measurements
    . liquid phase validation and calibration standard was also developed in order to ensure improved. confidence in CO2 results. The measurement of CO2 using a thermal conductivity sensor is a more. accurate method for measuring carbonation to ensure final product quality and product consistency. CO2
  • A Method to Determine How Much Power a SOT23 Can Dissipate in an Application
    , the transfer of. cepts that are applicable to small SMT packages and. energy (heat) through a fluid or medium (air). The. discuss the fundamentals of thermal resistance. The. transfer of heat by means of convection has an impact. measurement of thermal resistance for several exam-. on the power
  • Ther Versatility of the Vibrating Element (.pdf)
    industries use gas chromatography (GC), infrared (IR), flame ionization detectors (FID), thermal conductivity detectors (TCD) and other technologies to determine process gas properties or gas stream composition. The vibrating element type, gas measurement method is a reasonably matured technology, but only
  • Pyrolytic Graphite Heat Spreader Options for High Performance Embedded Components and Systems
    Advanced Technology Workshop on Thermal Management 2006. Palo Alto, CA USA. 10. September 11-13, 2006. Holometrix µFLASH. Thermal Conductivity Measurement. Standards and Procedures. ASTM D792-00 Density and Specific Gravity. ASTM E1269-01 Specific Heat. ASTM E1461-01Thermal Diffusivity Laser Flash
  • Comparing Substrate Solutions for Automotive Power Electronics Applications (.pdf)
    of at least +125oC, if. and the thermal resistance measurement test procedure. mounted directly on the engine’s intake manifold. Other. employed. Finally, the thermal test results will be. sites under the hood, but located away from major heat. provided and conclusions determined based on the. sources
  • Isotropic Forming of Porous Structures via Metal Injection Molding
    values had approximately a ±5%. range in measurement, except for the thermal conductivity, which had approximately ±8% range. in measurement. 3.1 Powder and binder characterization. Two 316L stainless steel powder types (water and gas atomized) were used to make porous. material

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