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Parts by Number for Thermal Cutout Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
402-2532 ASAP Semiconductor STEMCO Not Provided Thermal cutout.
FCTE45 Digi-Key Cynergy 3 Sensors, Transducers THERMAL CUTOUT FOR DRY RUNNING
3001-37-1-F212 74/52 ASAP Semiconductor ELMWOOD SENSORS INC Not Provided Bi-Metal Thermal cutouts
SDF DF228S Digi-Key Cantherm Circuit Protection THERMAL CUTOUT 228C 10A AXIAL
SDJ1 DF152S National Microchip Cantherm Not Provided THERMAL CUTOUT 152C 10A AXIAL
SDJ1 DF091S National Microchip Cantherm Not Provided THERMAL CUTOUT 91C 10A AXIAL
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