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  • A better way to model fluid-power systems
    accurate physics-based models of hydraulic systems, as well as multidisciplinary systems. These can include mechanical, electrical, thermal, pneumatic, powertrain components controlled by digital and analog systems. Working though a simple example may be the best way to get a feel for how the new software
  • Applications of physical models for control
    , but with chemical reactions described in detailed. E. L. Bibeau, P. He and M. Salcudean (2001) have made simulation models of continuous digesters in 3D, using CFD. This gives detailed hydraulic modelling, but take hours or days to perform the calculations. Our method is to use a reasonably
  • Medical Device Link .
    building a single prototype. "Since a product may need to be tested for many types of physical behaviors such as strength, temperature resistance, and flow there are many types of analysis software," says Jain. "SolidWorks makes CosmosWorks software to perform structural and thermal analysis
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    this is not a functional product it serves to illustrate the processing extremes that are now possible. Some essential enabling technologies for assisting fundamental research into micromoulding process behaviour are. simulation software specifically dedicated to micromoulding. flow visualisation in real time
  • 2-step Variable Valve Actuation: System Optimization and Integration on an SI Engine (.pdf)
    Cycle Simulation. Simulations were performed for a range of intake valve. lifts at various intake and exhaust cam timings using GT. Power and a custom software tool [10]. A family of valve. lift profiles was designed for this purpose (see later. section on valvetrain system). The effect of the low
  • Fatigue and Impact Testing of Composites Keeps Aerospace Industry Flying High
    , which may range in frequency from 10Hz to 1000 Hz, can give rise to High Cycle Fatigue (HCF) conditions in which the material is deformed elastically, save for a small plastic zone at the crack tip.  This can result in fatigue endurance of 106 to 109 cycles. Thermal cycles in aero engines, associated
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    , blood pressure, and muscle activity. In addition to the most common types of physical sensors optical and electrical the category includes geometric, mechanical, thermal, and hydraulic types. Sensors that detect electrical activity include electrodes that are common in both diagnostic