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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
FLK-TI27 60HZ Digi-Key Fluke Electronics Test and Measurement INDUST COMM THERMAL IMAGER 60HZ
FLK-TI110 30HZ Digi-Key Fluke Electronics Test and Measurement INDUST COMM THERMAL IMAGER 30HZ
FLK-TIR32 60HZ Digi-Key Fluke Electronics Test and Measurement BUILD DIAG THERMAL IMAGER 60HZ

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  • Buying a Thermal Imager for Condition Monitoring
    Matt Schwoegler. The Snell Group. Buying a Thermal Imager for Condition Monitoring. What Equipment Specifications Should You Consider. Introduction. Over the past few years there have been considerable. breakthroughs in the market for thermal imagers. Prices have dropped considerably and image quality
  • Selecting, Specifying,and Purchasing Infrared Imagers
    Buying a thermal imager can be a daunting task for a seasoned thermographer; it can be especially difficult for the less experienced. Because the success of an infrared inspection program is dependent upon the chosen test equipment, it is imperative to select proper equipment. Knowing how
  • Racing Goes Thermal
     anything else around . probe to take readings from the car’s brake discs, registering a . it. Even inadequately heated cups of tea were captured, but . spot temperature of 260°C (500°F), while the thermal imager . more serious tests were required. . only recorded a temperature of 160°C (320°F), around
  • Enhanced Imager Chip Packaging for Automotive Applications (.pdf)
    of. Figure 2. This 48pin CLCC package is representative of. the imager chip, enabling direct thermal contact within. main stream integrated circuit packaging techniques,. based upon the use of die attach adhesives or epoxies,. wire bonding of the chip to the package, and subsequent. soldering
  • IR Thermal Imaging Diagnoses Part Defects
    , and assisting design of new products. Payback on the initial cost of a thermal imaging system typically occurs in less than a year. Raytek 's TF100 system, including the MP50 Process Imager and necessary software and auxiliaries, is priced at $13,750 to $16,250. Thermoformers currently using thermal
  • Wireless and secure
    , and is completely self-recovering should it be interrupted or when a sensor goes down. Recent tests of a wireless UWB network bridge show it capable of real-time 256-bit AES encryption of livestreaming video images generated from a surveillance camera or thermal imager. The tests used only microwatts
  • Can Ergonomic Stress Be Measured Using Thermography?
    and arteries. The more the blood flow the greater the emitted energy. Thermal imagers can measure this increased energy. This paper will discuss tests performed on two sites of the body prone to ergonomic stress. One test was to measure the effect of subjects sitting in the recommended ergonomic position
  • Infrared Thermography Advances Aid Proactive Maintenance
    . The introduction of the first thermal imagers provided the user a monochrome image of generally poor quality. Documentation usually was made with a Polaroid photo of the imager's monitor. The quality of these thermograms was usually so poor that it also was customary to record the subject

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