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  • Communication Software - Key to Improving Thermal Control Systems
    Whether your plant is molding plastic containers, applying adhesives, extruding plastic films, powder coating automobile parts, or is involved in any other thermal process application, adequate controls are needed to ensure that an acceptable product is produced. A temperature and process control
  • A better way to optimize thermal characteristics
    of variations, and then manually comparing results to find the best. The process is also time consuming. "Thermal engineers might spend 40 hours or more setting up test cases and analyzing results for new products, " says Eldad Levy, engineering manager with in Israel ( "And they have
  • Tilt the modules and shrink the fans, says thermal software
    The whole point of simulation software is to test ideas on the fringe. Even tightly packed control rooms show sufficient cooling for each cabinet. The Honeywell Experion R300 system has over 30 process-control I/O and controller modules stacked in columns. Stacking modules at an 18 tilt directs
  • Hot or cold interiors? Software assures they're just right
    Recent automotive trends such as increased use of glass, tightening fuel constraints, and the move to environmentally safe refrigerants have made it more difficult to keep drivers and passengers comfortable. To simplify the task, designers at ), developed a thermal-comfort model that accurately
  • Using Sound Imaging to Enhance Your Diagnosis
    and examples of these techniques will be included. Infrared thermographers use thermal images to help them spot irregularities as part of their diagnostic process. Ultrasound inspectors can use similar tools. While ultrasonic imaging techniques in terms of producing a clear "photo-like" representation
  • Material Selection
    .) to determine the structural, thermal and other property requirements. Material selection often employs CAD, structural and thermal analysis software to improve the material selection process.
  • Design Assistance
    often involves the use of computer-aided design (CAD), structural, and thermal analysis software to improve the design process.
  • MICRO:Product Technology News (March '99)
    embedded thermocouples to map the temperature across a wafer, and the sensors can be embedded in bare, coated, or patterned substrates to match the thermal properties of test or product wafers. The instrumented wafers monitor temperatures from 0 to 800 C accurate to +-1.1 C or +-0.4% of reading

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