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  • Comparison of a WFPC2 Thermal Vacuum Globular Cluster-Mask Image to Wfpc1
    Right panel: Real image taken with the Wide Field/Planetary Camera-2 of a "globular duster " pinhole mask in the April 1993 WFPC2 Thermal Vacuum test at JPL (Pasadena, CA). The image is a 80 sec exposure through the F555W ( "V ") filter about 40x34 " on a side, and approximates closely what
  • Low Outgassing Accelerometers and Cables for Thermal Vacuum and Vibration Test Environments
    become impossible to remove the accelerometers. Sensors installed. for ground vibration testing may therefore remain on the structure even if they are no longer. needed for testing purposes. In any application involving a thermal vacuum environment care must be taken to select the. proper
  • What is a Thermal or Temperature Test?
    to purposely induce failures to determine weak points or latent defects. What is thermal vacuum testing?
  • Thermal Spray Gas Flow Contol
    High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) thermal spray technology has evolved and advanced recently through the use of more sophisticated controls and design. Thermal Spray Gas Flow Control. Have questions? Need Help?. 757.723.6531 | 800.950.2468. HomeFlow Products Vacuum ProductsCustomer
  • DC/DC CONVERTER Thermal Management
    . radiation (primarily in the infra-red wavelengths). Radia-. converter values from GAIA Converter, heatsink thermal. tion is the only means of heat transfer between bodies. resistance values from manufacturers like Thermalloy,. separated by a complete space vacuum. Fisher Elektronik, ThermaFlo, Radian
  • Vacuum Mixing Techniques (.pdf)
    , vacuum. Development Center is equipped with all of our mixers. drying is an excellent method of driving off moisture. and blenders, as well as sophisticated instrumentation,. and solvents without the risk of thermal degradation. such as this laser diffraction particle size analyzer, to. With the aid
  • How to Facilitate Proper & Repeatable Integration of Thermal Sensors
    Optimizing the utility of a thermal sensor is a critical success factor in every application. Optimizing the utility of a thermal sensor is a critical success factor in every application. How to facilitate proper & repeatable integration of Thermal Sensors. A world class supplier of critical
  • Multi-Zone Temperature Monitoring with the TCN75 Thermal Sensor
    This Technical Brief presents an example of a simple, multi-zone thermal monitoring system using the Hardware mode of the Master Synchronous Serial Port (MSSP) module of a PICmicro (R) microcontroller. The design uses several TCN75 thermal sensors and the PIC16LF872 microcontroller. Multi-Zone
  • Maintaining an Effective Vacuum Jacket
    measuring the thermal conductivity of the gas to infer the pressure. Called a thermal conductivity, thermocouple, or TC gauge, it is an effective and reliable way to ensure the insulating properties of the jacket. When you think about it, a thermal conductivity gauge uses the best technology
  • How To Make Your Thermal Controls More (or Less) Sensitive
    . There has to be a balance between too much resistivity and too little. In every case the needs of the application will determine the proper balance. A vacuum cleaner motor, for example, will have higher power needs than the blower motor in a furnace. The right thermal control might not be the same

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