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  • What is a Thermistor?
    Thermistors What is a thermistor? A thermistor is a temperature-sensing element composed of sintered semiconductor material which exhibits a large change in resistance proportional to a small change in temperature. Thermistors usually have negative temperature coefficients which means
  • Thermistors in Single Supply Temperature Sensing Circuits
    focuses on circuit solutions that use Negative Temperature Coefficient (NTC) thermistors in the design. The Thermistor has a non-linear resistance change-over temperature. The degree of this non-linearity will be discussed in the "Hardware Linearization Solutions" section of this application note
  • Thermistor Temperature Sensing with MCP6S2X PGA
    of the MCP6S2X's input MUX, which have 1, 2, 6 or 8 inputs. This PGA is used to process multiple signals and/or temperatures, and digitally set the most appropriate gain for each input. This reduces overall design complexity and allows for the temperature correction of other sensors. Thermistor Temperature
  • Thermistor Glossary
    expressed in amperes (A), that, when conducted by a standard PTC thermistor, is required to cause it to switch to its high resistance state. Mini-Sensor™: Mini-Sensor™ is the trademark name for RTI miniature glass encapsulated thermistors. Negative temperature coefficient (NTC): A NTC thermistor is one
  • Thermistor Temperature Sensing with MCP6SX2 PGAs
    Temperature (°C). the most appropriate gain for each input. This reduces. overall design complexity and allows for temperature. FIGURE 2: Thermistor Accuracy. correction of other sensors. Thermistors with different price and accuracy trade-offs. THERMISTOR. may also be used in this application
  • NTC Thermistor Application Guide
    by their relatively high cold resistance. During continuous operation, the NTC thermistors heats up and its resistance remains negligibly low. application.cdr NTC Thermistor. A P P L I C AT I O N. Temperature measurement. The NTC thermistor offers a practical, low-cost solution to most temperature
  • Inductively Coupled Thermistor
    . For temper-. PIC12C671 Output. ature sensing, most applications call for a NTC (nega-. tive temperature coefficient) type of thermistor where. Analog. Inductor. Scaling &. the resistance goes down with increasing temperature. Input. Translation. Naturally, the resistance does not go down linearly, so
  • CPTC Thermistor Application Guide
    . Brief of product. When the rectified mains is first applied, the PTC thermistor is cold, so its resistance is low. The lamp. voltage will be below the necessary ignition value, so the current will flow through the cathodes, heating. them to their emission temperature, where upon the resistance of PTC