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  • What is a Thermistor?
    Thermistors What is a thermistor? A thermistor is a temperature-sensing element composed of sintered semiconductor material which exhibits a large change in resistance proportional to a small change in temperature. Thermistors usually have negative temperature coefficients which means
  • Thermistor Terminology
    ZERO-POWER RESISTANCE The zero-power resistance is the dc resistance value of a thermistor measured at a specified temperature with power dissipated by the thermistor low enough that any further decrease in power will result in not more than 0.1% (or one tenth of the specified measurement tolerance
  • Thermistor Glossary
    Current-time characteristic: The current-time characteristic is the relationship at a specified ambient temperature between the current through a thermistor and time, upon the application or interruption of voltage to it. Dissipation constant (D.C. or delta ): The dissipation constant is the ratio
  • NTC Thermistor with a Voltage Comparator
    How to interface a thermistor with a voltage comparator
  • Brief Introduction of PTC Thermistor
    Thermistor can be classified into 2 category, PTC thermistor and NTC thermistor, according to its resistance-temperature characteristics. PTC, abbreviation of Positive Temperature Coefficient. NTC, abbreviation of Negative Temperature Coefficient. PTC thermistor is classified into 2 type
  • Temperature Measurement with a Thermistor (.pdf)
    Temperature measurement can be accomplished with a simple Wheatstone bridge as illustrated, or in any configuration where the voltage across or current through the thermistor can be measured.
  • Inductively Coupled Thermistor
    This application note describes a temperature sensor using a PICmicro (R) microcontroller. This temperature sensor is unique because it can work through non-ferromagnetic walls. Interfacing to a thermistor is normally a very straightforward task. Interfacing to a thermistor on the other side
  • NTC Thermistor Application Guide
    APPLICATION Temperature measurement The NTC thermistor offers a practical, low-cost solution to most temperature measurement applications. One of the circuits suitable for temperature measurement is a Wheatstone bridge with an NTC thermistor used as one bridge leg. Temperature control The NTC

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