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  • What is a Thermistor?

    Thermistors What is a thermistor? A thermistor is a temperature-sensing element composed of sintered semiconductor material which exhibits a large change in resistance proportional to a small change in temperature. Thermistors usually have negative temperature coefficients which means

  • Thermistor Glossary

    thermistor will continuous withstand for an extended period without affecting its normal characteristics. MIL-T-23648: MIL-T-23648 is the US military's general specification for thermistors. Minimum switching current (Is): The minimum switching current is the minimum amount of current, normally

  • NTC Thermistor Application Guide

    thermistors are the most sensitive of all temperature sensing elements they are popular in temperature control systems. By using a thermistor in a voltage comparator circuit basic on-off temperature control as well as over-temperature protection can be incorporated. Temperature compensation Many

  • NTC Thermistor with a Voltage Comparator

    How to interface a thermistor with a voltage comparator. Visio-NTC Interface with a Voltage Comparator.vsd Select resistor values to minimize current draw. Vout = V or ground. Use relay on Vout for high power leads. Indicator. b. Fan. +. v. ¼ LM339. Buzzer. -. b. out. b. v. Accessory

  • Temperature Measurement with a Thermistor (.pdf)

    Temperature measurement can be accomplished with a simple Wheatstone bridge as illustrated, or in any configuration where the voltage across or current through the thermistor can be measured. Basic_Temperature_Measurement_Using_NTC_Thermistors copy www.thermistor.com. Basic Temperature

  • Inductively Coupled Thermistor

    This application note describes a temperature sensor using a PICmicro (R) microcontroller. This temperature sensor is unique because it can work through non-ferromagnetic walls. Interfacing to a thermistor is normally a very straightforward task. Interfacing to a thermistor on the other side

Discussions about Thermistor Schematic
  • Re: What's this component?

    I found one site that has the symbol of an MOV and a Thermistor. http://www.angelfire.com/electronic2/rch/schematic.html Also why does this device have pin numbers polarity? Seems strange an MOV and a Thermistor do not have polarity!

  • Re: What's this component?

    Thanks for the reply Mike, I have to correct those who say these are MOV's, they are NOT, they are a polymer PTC thermistor. An MOV is a clamping device, it clamps the voltage if it exceeds a certain level. These devices are more of a current "clamp", as the current through them rises, they hea...

  • Re: Resistive Current Limiter

    Are you still using this basic schematic? Did you set up the shorting contactor like I suggested back in October? If so, the current limiting resistor need only be in the circuit between the 240V input and the top terminal of Variac #2, basically just to limit the inrush through the portion of wi...

  • Re: Inrush Current

    No schematic (but what a great tool that would be for this forum...). But it isn't that difficult. Wire up a timer to the line power so that it comes on immedaitely when power is applied and a NO contact closes to another larger contactor (35A) coil after 1 second; the magnetizing inrush will be shr...

  • Re: What's This Component?

    Hi Mikerho, On searching I found this similar drawing, is a thermistor, and another drawing this time with the short horizontal line at the bottom-left, is a Varistor. It would make sense to combine these as a surge protection perhaps only accepting current from the electronics to the...

  • Re: Motor Thermistor

    Mikerho, The schematic you posted is for a BLDC motor drive, not an AC VFD; different applications. The apparent thermistors shown in there are likely "Current Limiting" thermistors; a completely different application. In that case, they use the NTC versions because when the drive is first powere...

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  • Contract Technician

    Contract Technician - Prototype- Assembly - Soldering rn rnMy client specialises in remote monitoring and control systems for Lighting. They\''re looking for a Contract Technician who has a strong background in prototype, assembly and soldering to be able to work independently with minimal supervision. rn rnThe ideal candidate will be conversant with the following criteria: rn rn• 3 years + experience in a product development environment (RF/Telecoms/defence products) rn rn• Assemble complex products from schematics and drawings rn rn• Strong hand soldering of small surface mount devices rn rn• General electronics assembly to IPC-A-610 class2 rn rn• Basic fault-finding skills rn ...

  • Electrical Design Engineer Job

    Electrical Design Engineer needed for a direct hire opportunity with Yoh\''s client located in Charlotte, NC. What You\''ll Be Doing: - Electrical Design Engineer will create detailed design/schematics for custom designed electromechanical equipment directly related to the Automated Turning Machines for the Machine Tools Division. - Schedule work to meet completion dates and technical specifications. - Act as liaison with other departments within the Machine Tools Division (ie Mechanical Engineering, Control System Engineering, Project Management, or Purchasing). - Participate in larger projects of major magnitude and scope, or more than ONE project. - Electrical Design Engineer will develop and recommend Standard ...

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Status Instruments, Inc.
Thermistor Transmitter

PUSH BUTTON Calibration. Thermistor Sensor Input. In-Head Mounting. Temperature Linear Output. Small Spans 10 °F. Re-Rangeable Without A Computer. The SEM203TH Transmitter connects to a standard thermistor and produces a 4-20 mA signal that is linear with temperature. Two models are available. One accepts a 2252 ohm thermistor, the other a 10K ohm thermistor. The transmitter can be mounted in a junction box for attaching directly to the temperature sensor or for surface mounting to a wall...

Thermik Corporation
PTC Thermistors - Highest Quality

Thermik thermistors correspond to DIN 4408, DIN 44082 and IEC 34-11-2, and exhibit a very high temperature sensitivity. The resistance increases strongly in the area of the rated response temperature. This change can be used to switch off the load circuit through a triggering device. Electronic evaluations of many different applications are also possible. Advantages: Small dimensions. Fast response times. Mechanical stability. Temperature-resistance-characteristic-curves individually made...

Thermik Corporation
Thermistor Sensor -- LTM

Thermik thermistors correspond to DIN 4408, DIN 44082 and IEC 34-11-2, and exhibit a very high temperature sensitivity. The resistance increases strongly in the area of the rated response temperature. This change can be used to switch off the load circuit through a triggering device. Electronic evaluations of many different applications are also possible. The typical characteristics of Thermik thermistors are presented in the temperature resistance diagram. Advantages: Small dimensions. Fast...