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  • Mobile protection assistance
    The vibration motor was connected through a Flexleitung to avoid a vibration transfer to the board and... ...points like the elbow or the hand ankle region is to favor taktiler actuators for a positioning. ...The Starr-flex-Leiterplatte and some elements like the vibration motor and are manually tinned thermal couplers. Subsequently, the blank of the in sewer and the application of the adhesive film for reaching of a later nähtechnischen attachment possibility at the molded module occur. Three possible antenna variants stood for selection: module-antenna, PCB antenna (plate antenna) and external antenna.
  • Thermal restriction - special Dossier: Thermal restriction | Techniques of the Ingénieur
    Films are welded by contact or by thermal pulses. At to note... thermique The heat treatment is used primarily for the Polyolefins. materials [30]Organic restriction in fue gases and residual components (PCDD / PCFD / PCB ) from...). This molecule is non biodegradable... and the single thermal oxidation, the thermo -catalysis by the ruthenium oxide... 1 thermal Transfert in an insulator at high temperature 1.1 preliminary Remarque 1....2 Variation of...
  • Manual of the Mess- and automation technique in the production
    ...Punched Card PCA program Mable Logic Control alarm PCA Printed Circuit and Assembly PCB Printed Circuit Board... PT of page of Table, poly of thiophenes PTC Positive temperature Coeffizient PTD In Parallel transfer disc / drive PTE Path Terminating equipment PTF polymer Thick film POLYTETRAFLUOROETHYLENE poly tetra Flour ethylenes PTM point to multi point PTMW platinum-temperature-measuring-resistance... ...material International SEPT standard-installation-place SERCOS Serial Realtime Communication system SESAM system for electronic storage of... ...Synchronous CDMA TDSR transmitter data service Request TE test equipment, terminal emulator TEC Thermo Electrical Control TEDS...
  • Abstracts
    ...15 m (0,52 RAM i.D.) DB-17-Megabore-Sfiule (1 gm film thickness) and ECD. Ubersichtsmethode for detection of different handelstiblicher herbicides in the ng / kg-region in biological systems. ...about 30 % the handelstiblichen Herbicide applicable as these herbicides prevent the electron transfer by photosynthesis (photo... ...Fenarimol Folpet Mecarbarn, Brompropylat, Dicofol, Fenpropathrin, Iprodion, Tolclosfos methyl, lindane, 13-Endosulfan and PCB 101) in spinach... ...polar Pesticide in Trink- and Oberfliichenwasser in low concentration regions by means of HPLC thermal spray-MS.
  • Medical technology
    ...implant, implant design 904 implant material, biodynamisches 904 implant surface, osteophile 905 Impressionstonometrie after Schiötz 272 pulse... ...flow-anesthesia 486 low-flow-perfusion 527 low-flux dialyzer 504 low-grade- film 300 air bubble... ...313 mask technique 302 measure-product 333 measure-Flow-meters 135 measured the transfer area coefficient 506... ...797 patient monitoring system 689-694 Pattern-ERG 281 pay-per-use 67 PCB technology 631 PC... ...therapy, percutaneous 594 therapy, photodynamic (PDT) 471 thermistor 673, 725 thermistor catheters 705 thermal ablation 418 thermography...
  • Manual of the Mess- and automation technique in the automobile
    PCA Printed Circuit and Assembly PCB Printed Circuit Board PCB Program Control block PCC Process Control computer... ...PROLOG Programming in Logic PROM program Mable Read Only Memory PRPG Pseudo Random Pattern generator PRS process-rule / computer-system PRS person Recognition system PRT Partially data transfer PRU port Replacement Unit... PTF polymer Thick film POLYTETRAFLUOROETHYLENE poly Gets tetra... ...analog Converter RAMP Remote Access Maintenance Protocol RAMSIS Computer-Aided Anthropologically-Mathematical system for occupant simulation RAP... service Request TE test equipment terminal emulator TEB Thread Environment block TEC Thermo Electrical Control TEDS...
  • Elements of the applied electronics
    After / acceleration 104-laufregler 324, 325 272, laufverfahren, nachtriggerbar 226, 320, 411 Nachregler 342 night vision... .../-throttle 386 302, power amplifier, 303, 304, 305, 429 - transistor 142, 424 - transmission 278, 279 - amplifier... ...328 et seq., 435, iron 60, 82, 83,352 60 Nickelin 352 NiCr film 371 low-frequency... ...converter 272, 273, parasitic 116, 118, 212, 292 parity testers 414 PC 302 PCB 357 PDP 97... ...TFT-LCD 107 THD 460, 461 thermal path run 138 thermistor 16, 370 thermal / element 192...
  • Ingenieurgeochemie
    Polderflächen 358 polychlorinated biphenyls ( PCB ) 78, 264, 370 polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAK) 46, 81, 207, 400, 401... ...material separation 287 material conversion 47 mass transfer coefficient 196, 201, 220 mass transfer 196-198, 212... Thermal -Select method 293 Water permeability 118, 284 water catchment area 401 water elution after DIN 38414-4 (S4- 40 films IngGeochem2 _ CD Kap1.2 Vortrag.pdf, 18 S. IngGeochem2 _ CD Kap1.2 Förstner...
  • Manual electrical engineering
    Image VI-8 overview over the wave length regions and the allocation the for transmission used optical window, λ = wave length (1000 nms = 1 μm 300 THz The cellulose plastics are fibers obtained by chemical treatment of cellulose and films . ...well resistant chlorinated diphenyls that are umweltgefährlich however by fires through the formation of polychlorinated biphenyls ( PCB ). Predominantly thermal synthetics i.e. softly and in the cold zähhart in the heat to brittle.
  • Dictionary polymer sciences
    Heating stabilizer / thermal stabilizer thermally oil, heat transfer oil film water, retained water hard water hard water water of crystallization dead tray tool tools; (to the shaping by inject giessen etc.) mold; (pressing die) that board / circuit board / printed circuit board ( PCB .