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    Thermoelectric Coolers - (65 companies)
    ...a thermoelectric cooler is used for a job that would be impractical with a compressor-based system. Most thermoelectric coolers use semiconductors, in part because these materials can be optimized for pumping heat, but also because the type of charge... Learn More
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    CPU Coolers - (151 companies)
    CPU fans and coolers are integrated fans and heat sink assemblies packaged to provide optimum cooling performance, often for specific processors. CPU fans and coolers are heat sink assemblies with integral fans that provide optimum cooling... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Heat Sinks - (392 companies)
    ...not contain integrated fans or other electronic components. Heat sinks include liquid coolers, which use a liquid medium such as water or liquid nitrogen to remove heat from components, and thermo-electric coolers, which use an electric element to pump heat... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Cryostats and Dewars - (57 companies)
    Cryostats and dewars are used to keep sensors and store samples at very cold temperatures. Learn More

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8 Peltier (thermoelectric) cooling 9 Liquid cooling

Thermoelectric Air Conditioners | Air Conditioned Electronic...
Cooling Solutions for Mission-Critical Electronics ThermoTEC? Thermoelectric Air Conditioners Eliminate Damaging Heat Buildup...
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Smoke Test capability Thermo-electric gas cooler RACK Software Calibration Gas Applications
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New High Bay LED Cooler Is Smaller and Lighter Than Passive Cooling EquivalentsFebruary 18th, 2013

2U Rack Mountable Vapor Compression Cooling System For High...
evaluated in an application that had been using a rather large thermoelectric cooler (TEC) in a mobile satellite antenna electronics case for the

Data sheet: Siemens Mobility: Vectron - A universal locomotive...
Creating Corridors Components Brake rack Traction-motor blowers Fire-extinguishing system Auxiliary equipment rack Low-voltage equipment cabinet

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Thermoelectric Coolers feature bi-polar thermostatic control.

Emerson Radio Corp. | Appliances, Microwaves, Wine Coolers,...
Accessories: Baking Rack, Aluminium-plated Baking Pan 12 Bottle Wine Cooler Model: FR966T 12 Bottles (13? Max)

Thermotek, Inc. - Thermoelectric Thermal Management and...
T255P Thermoelectric Chiller NanoTherm (Industrial) Rack Mount chillers PhasePlane
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Peter Pilewskie
control circuit while the InGaAs detector array is cooled by a thermo-electric cooler for optimum performance.

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