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  • Thermoforming
    Thermoforming is a term used to describe two processes for making products from plastic sheets. In a vacuum-forming process, hot thermoplastic sheets are laid over a mold. A vacuum removes air, drawing the plastic into the cavities of the mold. When the plastic cools, the molded product is removed
  • Medical Device Link . The Evolution Of Thermoforming For Medical Packaging
    design can be a major problem, because one of the hallmarks of the thermoforming process is its inconsistency. If 10 shots are formed, all 10 will be measurably different; the key is keeping the differences to a minimum. In the basic process, called vacuum forming, plastic sheet is heated past its
  • IMD/Forming Glossary of Terms
    placed below the part. Vacuum Forming. A method of thermoforming in which a plastic sheet is clamped, heated and then formed to shape by pulling the softened sheet down over a tool with vacuum. [ Copyright (C) by DuraTech Industries ] [ News ] [ Tech Lab ] [ Ask the Expert ] [ Site Map ] [ Privacy
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    , the faulty cycles are automatically expelled. If the error occurs in a series, the machine will stop, which means no faulty packages will be delivered. With a thermoforming machine, the temperature in the forming station is monitored. In addition, the leak tightness of the formed packaging moulds
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    and a telephone line, diagnostic technicians from the equipment manufacturer can help determine problems and reprogram machinery. Effective medical thermoforming also requires close monitoring of the systems providing compressed air, vacuum, electricity, and water. It is important that thermoforming
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    process may occur inside the forming die or immediately preceding it. Also in the forming area, vacuum or compressed air pulls or presses the film onto the die. There are three basic types of thermoforming technology: negative, negative plug-assist, and positive. Inside the forming die, heated film can
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    Taking the Stress Out of Package Protection An examination of coupled predictive simulations of thermoforming processes and drop-impact loading in package design. Balakrishna Haridas and Clinton A. Haynes Thermoformed packaging is widely used today for the packaging of sterile medical devices
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    be formed using vacuum, compressed air, male plugs, or a combination of these. The cost for forming tools can vary widely, depending on the complexity of the design and the materials used. Figure 1. Comparison of surface-to-area ratio for a tetrahedron and sphere (Click to enlarge). Product Loading. After