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Detector. Gas Sensors. AcuPro Infrared Process Analyzer. Accessories. Calibration Equipment. Fuel Changeover System. Touch Screen Operator Interface. Legacy Products. Applications. Chemical & Pharmaceutical Processes. Coil Coating. Pollution Control. Process Ovens & Dryers. Pulp Mills. Semiconductor...

(thermopile). Calorific Value = Wobbe Index Specific Gravity. •Measures Wobbe Index*. (1% Accuracy). •Measures specific gravity. *Wobbe Index: gross heating value. Determines how quickly a gas will move through an. orifice to support a flame. Cooling Tower System. HRVOC Analyzer. Flare System...

...breathing for ventilators. They can provide barometric pressure correction for blood-gas analyzers. Drug-delivery inhalers can incorporate pressure sensors on DIPs to help control the release of medication. The least expensive way to package sensors is as surface-mount components. Most sensor...

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Spectrum analyzer ESD Electromagnetic field

ESA Science & Technology: Instruments
dimensions to determine temperature and pressure profiles with altitude, gas composition, and the distribution of aerosols and clouds.

Infrared / CO2
LI-7000 - CO2/H2O Gas Analyzer The LI-7000 CO2/ H2O Gas Analyzer is a high performance, dual cell, differential gas analyzer.

Infrared / Broadband
OPAG 22 - Open Path Gas Analyzer The Open Path Gas Analyzer OPAG 22 is a broadband infrared detection system for remote sensing of hazardous

LBA-ECO CD-04 Meteorological and Flux Data, km 83 Tower Site,...

ASTM International - Standards Worldwide
E260-96(2006) Standard Practice for Packed Column Gas Chromatography
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Progress in IFE Technology: April - June 2000, (Cont'd.)...
? Design concepts and sketches for target loading and propellant gas supply and a fast acting propellant gas valve specification were prepared.

271-ROP-2001-Standard Method of Test for Heat and Visible...

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Appendix for the paper "Direct measurements of water...

2012 APS Annual Meeting - Exhibitor Registration
pressure cells, ruby fluorescence systems, gasket drilling machines, gas loading systems, turn-key high pressure-enabled cryostats and much more.

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