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7.3 Thermopile radiation sensors 7.4 Manufacturing

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Where: - net radiation at sensor surface [W/m² - thermopile output voltage [V - sensitivity/calibration factor of instrument [V/W/m²

TECHNICAL SERVICE DEPARTMENT Technical Service Bulletin...
2. The thermopile, being heated by the pilot flame, produces a millivolt current to terminals 1 & 2 of the gas valve.
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Chapter 5 Heat Release Rate Test for Cabin Materials 5.1 Scope...
5.7.6 Record, at least once a second, the thermopile millivolt output during the final 20 seconds of the hold time before the specimen is injected,

Thermopile | Sciencetech Inc.
Thermopile Sciencetech Large Area Thermopile Detector Head
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SI-111: Specifications
Both the thermopile and the thermistor output a millivolt signal that most of our dataloggers can measure.
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NR-LITE-L: Specifications and Technical Data
It produces a millivolt signal that is measured directly by a Campbell Scientific datalogger; most of our dataloggers are compatible.
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Pyranometer Sensor Model LI-200SA
As an alternative, the 2220 Millivolt Adapter can be purchased with the LI-200SA. The 2220 Millivolt Adapter uses a 147 Ohm precision resistor to
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Datasheet A2TPMI TM Thermopile with integrated signal...
SDAT) Switch D Switch B TP: Thermopile VTobj : Output voltage object temperature PTAT: Temperature Sensor VTamb : Output voltage ambient temperature
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