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  • Thermopiles-Image
    Thermopiles - (40 companies)
    Thermopiles are thermocouples arrays, wired in series that are used in motion sensing applications. Thermopiles are thermocouple arrays that are wired in series and used in motion sensing applications. They are relatively simple in design...
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  • Thermocouple Temperature Transmitters-Image
    Thermocouple Temperature Transmitters - (330 companies)
    Thermocouple temperature transmitters convert the small millivolt output of a thermocouple to a current signal (typically 4-20 mADC) that is immune to noise and voltage drops over a long distance. Thermocouple temperature transmitters convert...
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  • Data Output Modules-Image
    Data Output Modules - (207 companies)
    Data output modules or cards transfer amplified, conditioned, or digitized signals. Data output modules transfer amplified, conditioned, or digitized signals to processing systems or devices. They plug into backplanes or motherboards, or interface...
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  • Ion Specific Electrode Meters-Image
    Ion Specific Electrode Meters - (98 companies)
    Ion specific electrode meters are millivolt meters that interface with ion selective electrodes (ISEs). These meters take the potential generated by the electrode and convert it into units of concentration. Ion specific electrode meters...
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  • I/O Modules and Instruments-Image
    I/O Modules and Instruments - (517 companies)
    Data acquisition I/O devices have both input and output functionality. Digital or discrete I/O modules include on-off signals used in communication, user interface, or control. Input/output (I/O) instruments provide inputs and outputs to data...
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    Voltage-to-Frequency Converter Chips - (11 companies)
    Voltage-to-frequency converter chips provide a signal frequency output as a function of an analog input voltage. A voltage-to-frequency converter chip is widely used for applications where a temperature proportional output is required...
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    Noncontact Infrared Temperature Sensors - (401 companies)
    Thermocouples or thermopiles. Pyrometers or pyroelectric devices. Optical pyrometers. Electrical output options for noncontact infrared temperature sensors include: Analog current. Analog voltage. Analog frequency. Serial. Parallel. Switch. Alarm. Additional...
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    Medical Power Supplies - (134 companies)
    Medical power supplies are power supplies designed to produce conditioned outputs for medical devices, instruments, and equipment. Medical power supplies are power supplies which produce conditioned outputs for medical devices, instruments...
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    Pressure Transmitters - (629 companies)
    Pressure transmitters translate the low level output of a sensor or transducer to a higher level signal suitable for transmission to a site where it can be further processed. These devices include pressure sensors, transducers, elements...
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    Sensor Transmitters - (538 companies)
    Sensor transmitters are measurement or signal conditioning packages that provide a standard, calibrated output from a sensor or transducer in the form of a current loop output (e.g., 4-20 mA). Sensor transmitters provide standard, calibrated outputs...
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...and do not emit any radiation. Our detector's spectral absorption is flat from the ultraviolet to the far infrared. Spectral sensitivity is defined by the selection of optical band-pass filters. Thermopile output is generally in the micro-Volt to milli-Volt range depending on target size, temperature...

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