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Parts by Number for Thermostat Sensor Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
C7189U1005 Global Industrial Honeywell International Not Provided Honeywell Remote Mount Wall Indoor Sensor C7189u1005, For Visionpro ® 8000 Thermostat
1001 420 090 Global Industrial Domoteck Inc. Not Provided Domoteck Programmable Thermostat With Room Sensor 1001 420 090 120v No Gfci
10-528 Global Industrial Invensys Not Provided Remote Sensor For The Thermostat, Indoor
TCN75 Microchip Technology, Inc. Microchip Technology, Inc. Not Provided TCN75 is a serially programmable temperature sensor that notifies the host controller when ambient temperature exceeds a user-programmed setpoint. Hysteresis is also programmable. The INT/CMPTR output is programmable as either a simple comparator for thermostat operation or as a temperature event...
MCP9802 Microchip Technology, Inc. Microchip Technology, Inc. Not Provided notifies the host controller when the ambient temperature exceeds a user programmed set point. The ALERT output is programmable as either a simple comparator for thermostat operation or as a temperature event interrupt. Communication with the sensor is accomplished via a two-wire bus that is compatible...
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  • Pt-100 Sensor Technology: Not Your Average Thermostat (.pdf)
    and beverage industries. Pt 100 Sensor Tech.indd Pt-100 Sensor Technology. A White Paper. TURCK Inc. 3000 Campus Drive. Minneapolis, MN 55441. Phone: (763) 553-7300. Fax: (763) 553-0708. Application Support: 1-800-544-7769. Not Your Average Thermostat. There are quite a few devices
  • Temperature Sensor Strategies Keep System Thermal Problems in Check
    . regulator using the TC07 thermostat chip. The TC646 uses efficient pulse-width modulation drive. Housed in a tiny MSOP package (consuming only one-. to control fan speed. A low cost NTC thermistor. half the board area of an 8-pin SOIC package), the. connected to VIN increases the positive duty
  • The Importace of Measuring Building Humidity: Best Practices for Sensor Selection
    to install and should. take up no more space than a wall thermostat or electrical. outlet. They should be located where they will be exposed. to unrestricted air circulation that is representative of the. average humidity (and temperature, if selected) of the controlled environment. Locations where
  • Medical Device Link .
    Robert Rix is the inventor of Gorix, a highly conductive "smart" material that is able to regulate its own temperature without a thermostat. Rix, who with codirector John Gordo founded the company in Rotherham, S Yorks, UK, which is named after them, presented his invention at the recent Medical
  • Introduction to Protection Relays and Applications (.pdf)
    below. communicate with a network or a PLC. As an example, a thermostat can be evaluated using. CURRENT. the diagram in Figure 1. The input that is measured is. VOLTAGE. temperature and the protection relay input device is the. VISUAL. INSULATION. INDICATION. INPUTS. temperature sensor. The user sets
  • Implementing a PID Controller Using a PIC18 MCU
    - This is the difference between the response of the Plant and the desired response (Setpoint). In a house, the thermostat may be set to 70 degrees, but the temperature is actually 65 degrees, therefore resulting in an error of 5 degrees (Error = Setpoint - Measured). AN937, Implementing a PID Controller
  • Simple Fan Control Solution
    Ambient Temperature-Controlled Fan On/Off Switch - the TC620 logic output temperature sensor can work as a local thermostat, turning the cooling fan on and off when the ambient temperature levels exceeded threshold values. The programmable temperature threshold and hysteresis values make it easy
  • Solid StateThermal Devices- Types of Thermal Control Devices, Techical Article
    Solid state and Electronic type control devices cover a variety of applications. The products used for these applications can range from individual temperature sensors comprised of various materials all the way to entire circuit boards. Electronic Thermostat | Solid State Thermostat | Electric

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