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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
1/2" FDA403   Watson McDaniel Company Steam Traps The FDA400 Series thermostatic steam traps are used on clean steam applications as drip traps on piping runs as well as drainage for CIP/SIP systems and various process vessels. The FDA 400 Series allows for a 90 ˚ connection on either the inlet or outlet capable of 360 ˚ orientation...
3/4" TT125   Watson McDaniel Company Steam Traps TT25B/TT125 thermostatic steam traps are predominantly used in the HVAC industry. They are referred to as radiator traps because the quick-disconnect right angle connection is found on most radiator installations. Their excellent air handling capabilities, compact size, and economical cost make...
BPS32   Spirax-Sarco Steam Traps The BPS32 and BPS32Y are stainless steel maintainable balanced pressure thermostatic steam traps with straight connections. The BPS32 has an integral flat strainer screen and the BPS32Y an integral cylindrical Y-type strainer. All pressure bearing components are produced by T ÜV approved...
Model TTF-1R   Armstrong International Steam Traps The balanced-pressure bellows thermostatic steam trap has a sealed, stainless steel body that is lightweight, compact and highly resistant to corrosion. The cage, bellows, valve and seat are all assembled into a precisely calibrated operating unit that ensures positive opening and closing action...
BPT13TGX   Spirax-Sarco Steam Traps The BPT13T is a brass bodied maintainable balanced pressure steam trap with horizontal in-line connections. It has a unique bypass and stop valve feature built into the trap which simplifies and reduces the cost of installation. The bypass can be used simply to handle high start-up loads...
UBP32   Spirax-Sarco Steam Traps The UBP32 is a maintenance free sealed balanced pressure steam trap manufactured in stainless steel - It can also be supplied with an inbuilt check valve designated UBP32CV. When installed with a suitable pipeline connector the UBP32 can easily and simply be removed without breaking...
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    Over the last century steam traps have developed with various automatic valve arrangements using buckets, floats, thermostatic and thermodynamic valve arrangements. These traps all have moving parts which, in time, fail either,. a) Closed - causing water-logging, corrosion and in some cases water
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    Float and thermostatic traps (F&T) are used for draining steam equipment and as drip traps. As the name implies, F&T traps are a combination of two separate devices, a float trap and a thermostatic vent. It consists of a chamber with a discharge valve at the bottom; the valve is actuated by a float
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    . 71.1 46.9. 99.5 64. 144.2 106.7. Pilot-operated valves require a minimum differential pressure about 24.2psi. The Float & Thermostatic Traps are commonly used to discharge air and condensate from. heat exchanges, preventing steam from entering return piping in steam heating systems. An. undersized
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    seizure. 2. We don't worry because the compressor has a thermostatic valve. Some rotary screw compressors are furnished with a thermal or bypass valve in the coolant (oil) piping system. This valve is controlled by a thermostat and will bypass the oil cooler when necessary to achieve and maintain