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  • Principles and techniques for designing precision machines
    For example, a gravity load causes the linear guides in Figure 9-6 to approximate a vee-and-flat slideway . THK -SR .
  • Development of a sub-nanometer positioning device: combining a new linear motor with linear motion ball guide ways
    We would also like to express our thanks to THK Co. for the linear motion ball guide way. 1 31–37 [10] Monteiro A F et al 1996 A super-precision linear slideway with angular correction …
  • Machine Tools for High Performance Machining
    In order to obtain a good quality friction guide it is necessary to work the slide- ways to ensure a uniform contact of the bedplate and slide. Linear Bearings without Fecirculation Fig. 4.20 Linear rolling bearings without recirculation, by THK ® .
    … this modelling approach enables the output from a rotary encoder on the motor, and that from a rotary encoder on the non-drive end of the screw, and that from a linear encoder mounted close to a slideway all to be predicted. “LM system ball screws”, catalog. no.200-2BE, THK Co. Ltd., chapter 4, 1999, (© THK Ltd …
  • Advances in Manufacturing Science and Engineering
    slideway Linear Two ball screws of THK DIK1605-6 (nominal diameter: 16mm, lead: 5mm, precision grade: C5, precision: 8µm/ …
  • Mechatronics and Computational Mechanics
    According to the reference provided by THK radial rolling linear guide, the model of linear rolling guide is established on whether the bolt joint is considered or not as shown in Fig.2. The air cushion slideway and the pendulum are the most used apparatus for measuring g, but because …
  • Manual mechanical engineering
    … which in the griffin zone a product is been an automatic target control by means of that to every shell (image 6), to give the command as, can to tilt off this product on a quite certain pack chute of the dispatch. Toothed belt for drive of a linear unit [ContiTech, Hannover] Bias possibilities for a cross roller direction with "limited" path length [ THK , Tokyo, Japan] .
  • Manual mechanical engineering
    … the griffin zone a product is been an automatic target control by means of that to every shell (image 7), to give the command as, can to tilt off this product on a quite certain pack chute of the dispatch (image 7). Toothed belt for drive of a linear unit of (ContITech. Hannover Vorspannungmoglichkeiten fiir Weglange ( THK. also "limited" a Kreuzrollenfiihrung Japan, Tokyo .
  • Neural Information Processing
    kp represents the probability of face pixel of thk color space located in the internal window and … The widely used methods such as Eigenfaces [1] and Fisherfaces [2] are linear dimension reduction methods. Which locate at spindle shield, the column, and slideways of Y- and Z-axis, hydraulic oil tank …
  • Electronics and Signal Processing
    … grooves on both ends of the H-Bar to be used as the slideways of the V … Research on a Novel Piezoelectric Linear Motor Driven is the pixel value of selected pixel p in the thk image block, .
  • Mechanical engineering
    Example: A box on a chute The equations of motion themselves are the ordinary differential equations that are linearly , generally only non-linear … dSKA = δQHK→KA TKA and dSHK = − δQHK→KA THK .
  • Frontiers of Manufacturing Science and Measuring Technology III
    H.M. Ning, Y.H. Wang, Modal Analysis of THK Ball Screw Based on ANSYS Software, J … Meet parameters: the driving frequency is 15 times/minute; Maximum linear velocity of the ball shoots 10 m/s … Considering a harmonic excitation for machine tools rolling slideways , assuming the harmonic motion of the angular frequency …
  • Information visualization
    Abb. 181 Linear link A system of pictograms explains various devices and chutes . " 1-SEGMENT 1/8 THK ORANGE (b) 1-SEGMENT 1/8 THK LEMON (c) 1-SEGMENT 1/8 THK LIME …
  • Machine Tools Handbook: Design and Operation > MACHINE TOOL ELEMENTS
    … Find the forces on flat guideways on a lathe, if guideways are 25 thk . and 50 wide. If the right-hand slideway is replaced by a non-symmetrical Vee guideway, with angles α and … Grinding machines run at a very high R.P.M. to provide 30 m/sec linear grinding speed.
  • Laser scanning for electronic printing
    … course both the focal surface problem and scan distortion can belargely eliminated if thk photoreceptor is flexible … … lenses are designed to produce a negative distortion in order to provide a linear (f-8) scan. b) Machine tool slideway travel. c) “Visual” inspectionin the sense of automation ofpre- viously human visual checks …