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  • History of Threaded Screws: Small but Vital Component of an Actuator
    There are more than 4,300 years between the invention of a threaded screw and the modern industrial threaded screw as it is known nowadays. That's a long period of time since the threaded screw is something the majority of the world doesn't spend much time thinking about. Every time you turn
  • How To Properly Mate Compression Limiters and Threaded Inserts in Plastic Assemblies
    In applications where the mating component is also plastic, a Compression Limiter. is necessary to avoid the creep or stress relaxation in the mating component from. reducing the frictional load in the threaded joint. Similar to Threaded Inserts, Compression Limiters are used to ensure bolted joint
  • Dieheads, Thread Cutting or Thread Rolling?
    Thinking of using a threading head to produce threaded components in quantity? Wondering which. will be your best option. Here are a few facts that may help you to decide.
  • Computer Power User Article - Components We Crave
    , but picking either one of these excellent CPUs over the other just wouldn t be right. Thanks to its higher clock speed, the dual-core 2.93GHz Core 2 Extreme X6800 is hands down the fastest CPU for gaming and running single-threaded applications, but the 2.66GHz, quad-core Core 2 Extreme QX6700
  • How to Maintain Joint Integrity When Converting from Metal to Plastic
    to prevent. loosening. A common problem with bolted joints is that plastics. are susceptible to creep or stress relaxation. Under loads well. below the elastic limit, plastics will lose their ability to maintain. a load. When this occurs, the threaded connection becomes. loose.
  • Medical Device Link .
    . Typical applications include insert-molded needle hubs and luer fittings and bifurcations, as well as encapsulated electrical components and threaded fasteners. Generally, there are few design limitations or restrictions on
  • Reasons for Choosing a Diaphragm Seal for Pressure Applications (.pdf)
    applications or when a process connection is changed from threaded to sanitary in a dairy plant. A diaphragm seal, which is a barrier between a pressure sensor and the media it is measuring, can help protect the sensing element in these and other applications.
  • The Click-N-Seal
    component is either over or under compressed by over or under tightening the fitting. The end result is an improper seal. A threaded fastener must often apply substantial force to the compressible component, up to 35 lbs, to achieve a proper seal. The ideal way to gauge and apply the correct amount

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  • Bolted joints
    � stress relaxation behavior at higher temperatures. The f material for these strength classes must be sufficiently curable to ensure that is a Martensitanteil of about 90 % present in the structure of the core in the threaded part in the cured state �
  • Roloff / Matek machine elements
    220 screw types, nut types, particular forms of screws, nuts and threaded parts , designation, of standardized screws and nuts 8.1.4 .
  • Roloff / Matek machine elements
    220 screw types, nut types, particular forms of screws, nuts and threaded parts , designation, of standardized screws and nuts 8.1.4 .
  • Construction elements of mechanical engineering 1
    The working elements of a standardized screw, e.g., the thread on the cylindrical screw part represents or the screw head.
  • Barrel maker / Forberg Technical to Draw
    The hatching until on the line to use that represents threaded tips 7.10 to 7.12 is at threaded parts depicted in the cut.
  • Dubbel
    The required depth of threaded bores depends on the material of the nut threaded part .
  • Building construction - of the principle to detail
    As kraftschl�ssig effectively the threaded part only can are attached that in the mating part beyond the shearing surface (b .
  • K�hler / R�gnitz machine parts 1
    7.4.1 configuration of threaded parts .