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Parts by Number for Threaded Component Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
12F50 PLC Radwell Ir Components, Rectifier SILICON RECTIFIER THREADED BASE 500V
12F50 PLC Radwell International Rectifier Components, Rectifier SILICON RECTIFIER THREADED BASE 500V

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  • Threaded Connections
    and components.CONNECT TO PLASTIC PIPE AND FITTINGS ONLY; when using metal pipe, install an intervening plastic fitting. Metal pipe and straight threaded pipe tends to cut, stretch, and distort the plastic bodies, resulting in cracking or leaking over time.THERMOPLASTIC COMPONENTS CAN BE DAMAGED by contact
  • Using Titanium, Zirconium and Nickel Alloy Threaded Fasteners (.pdf)
    of a bolted. joint will demonstrate some of the special considerations needed for successful use of titanium, and. most of the information is directly applicable to any threaded component. When we design a bolted joint, we typically have identified a total clamp load that is required to hold. an assembly
  • How To Properly Mate Compression Limiters and Threaded Inserts in Plastic Assemblies
    In applications where the mating component is also plastic, a Compression Limiter. is necessary to avoid the creep or stress relaxation in the mating component from. reducing the frictional load in the threaded joint. Similar to Threaded Inserts, Compression Limiters are used to ensure bolted joint
  • History of Threaded Screws: Small but Vital Component of an Actuator
    There are more than 4,300 years between the invention of a threaded screw and the modern industrial threaded screw as it is known nowadays. That's a long period of time since the threaded screw is something the majority of the world doesn't spend much time thinking about. Every time you turn
  • Installation Components Data Sheet
    ' lengths. 2 ". • Standard finish galvanized. 1-5/8 ". Part. Description. Number. Quantity. Threaded Rod. • Electro galvanized. 61G38ROD06 3/8 " rod; 6' length. 1. • Available in 3/8 " and 1/2 ". 61G38ROD12 3/8 " rod; 12' length. 1. diameter. 61G12ROD06 1/2 " rod; 6' length. 1. • 6' and 12' lengths
    - or externally-threaded tungsten. carbide component mated to a threaded steel body with high temperature epoxy added to resist vibration. The component is also reinforced by a tungsten carbide pin inserted laterally for anti-rotation protection. (See Figure 1.). (Figure 1 – GenFixx). Recently a test
  • PC/104 Embedded Modules, The New System Components
    systems,. mounting holes are included to. simple I/O to complete, standalone. and semiconductor processing. attach metal or plastic threaded. single board computers with inte-. equipment. Even though the com-. standoffs. They form a sturdy. grated video and networking. panies and products differ
  • The Role Standards Play in Selecting Industrial Ethernet Components (.pdf)
    . In this situation, the small form- factor M12 connector is preferred. M12 Ethernet is suited for. industrial environments and protects against dirt, water, vibration/shock, and temperature extremes. The M12 is a popular 4-pin connector with a ½” threaded barrel with a diameters ranging from 6.0 mm to 6.3 mm