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    Anchors - (514 companies)
    ...of the metal plug expand to form a permanent hold below the target material's surface, creating a secure threaded hole for the mating screw. Spring anchors - Spring anchors are small or miniature-sized externally-threaded studs. Wall anchors - Wall...
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    Fastener Material Strength
    Hole Size (Diameter)
  • Threaded Rod-Image
    Threaded Rod - (321 companies)
    Threaded rod is a fastening bar or rod threaded along its length. Threaded rod is a fastening bar or a rod threaded along its length. Thread direction is an important specification to consider. Choices include right hand, left hand, or both right...
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  • Rod End Bearings-Image
    Rod End Bearings - (257 companies)
    Rod end bearings contain a bearing that can accommodate a shaft or rod with varying misalignment. They attach to a static rod via a threaded shaft. Description. Rod end bearings are used on the ends of cylinders, linkages, rods, and shafts to take...
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  • Thread Gages-Image
    Thread Gages - (185 companies)
    Thread Gages Information. Thread gages are dimensional instruments for measuring and/or verifying thread size, pitch or other parameters. A variety of thread gaging instruments and tools exist such as measuring wire, tri-roll comparators, thread...
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  • Thread Tapes-Image
    Thread Tapes - (65 companies)
    Thread Tapes Information. Thread tapes are used to seal, lubricate and prevent seizure on threaded bolts, studs, and fittings. They are commonly referred to as Teflon tape, PTFE tape, PTFE thread seal tape, or plumber 's tape. Thread tapes...
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    Tie Down Straps - (166 companies)
    Tie down straps are devices that are used to secure items during shipment or movement. Products include ratcheted tie downs, straps and elastic bungees. Tie Down Straps Information. Tie down straps are used to secure items during shipment...
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    Thread Chasers and Thread Restorers - (156 companies)
    Thread Chasers and Tread Restoring tools are used to re-form or re-cut threads Thread Chasers and Thread Restorers Information. Thread chasers and thread restorers are used to form or cut screw threads. Threading tools and attachments are used...
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    Thread Rolling Machines - (37 companies)
    Thread Rolling Machines Information. Thread rolling machines generate threads by displacing and flowing metal into a thread shape. Thread rolling machines are used to produce screws, bolts, and studs. Thread rolling is a cold-form forming operation...
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    Thread Mills - (63 companies)
    Thread mills are rotating, multi-point tools that are used to produce internal or external threads. They resemble end mills or drill bits, and may be capable of producing multiple threads with a single cut. Thread mills area an alternative to thread...
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    Rod Pumps - (15 companies)
    Rod pumps are subsurface pumping units that are connected to the sucker rod string and driven by a pumpjack or other artificial lift that provides a reciprocating pumping action in an oil and gas well. Rod pumps are a type of subsurface pump which...
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  • Calculation of concrete beam with lateral gain through steel shapes
    The kraftschlüssige compound of the steel carriers on the concrete beam takes place over steel bolts, threaded rods or steel dowels.
  • Frick / Knöll building construction lesson 2
    … glazed cheeks [architect: Ron gene architects, Wassenberg] 1 sheathing on groove and spring 2 rod locking wood image band 3 rafter 8 tile 9 lead connection band On to 10 hardwood … … 12 covering strip 13 hexagon head screw 14 to 4 vapor …
  • Dubbel
    … screw G 41 screw materials G 43 screw tension springs G 60 screw additional force G 45 … … T 9 shrinkage disc- compound G 30 roughing grinding … … distributions C 17 push rod B 23, P 8 schubstarre flexural beams C 26 thrust angle …
  • Dubbel
    … 65 screw materials G 38 screw tension springs G 54 screw additional force G 41 … … T 7 shrinkage disc- compound G 27 roughing grinding … … in connecting means push rod by composite carriers C … … U 46 schubstarre flexural beams C 23 thrust angle …
  • Building construction - of the principle to detail
    The real preference of this compound is the geometrically changed force introduction against perpendicularly upright threaded rods or head bolt dowels. Beam shoe: serves normally as wood-wood-compound is abused here as wood-concrete-connector.
  • Trusses
    … 33 snow load sheet inclined to 38, 43 sawn timber 6-9, 13 sawn timber sorting 9 86, 87 screws 50, 51 bolts 50, 51, 66, 69 bolt connection 67, 70 screwing nail … … 16 voltage detection 18 rafters 36, 96, 101, 106 … Truss 104, 118, 121, 120 chair upright the rod dowels 50-52, 66 rod dowel compound 67 …
  • Wood construction part 1
    … following ratio to each other: by tooth length l 10 mms: mins l = 3,6t · (1-2 u) at tooth length l > 10 mms: the wedge tooth compounds for full wood are … … 1052 new (EC5) and beam layer wood in agreement … 6.1.5 Glued threaded rods (GS .
  • Wood construction 1
    … following ratio to each other: by tooth length l 10 mms: mins l = 3,6t · (1-2 u) at tooth length l > 10 mms: the wedge tooth compounds for full wood are … … 1052 new (EC5) and beam layer wood in agreement … 6.1.5 Glued threaded rods (GS .
  • Frick / Knöll Baukonstructionslehre 1
    … towing strips 345 sling pole product 494 slots 105 Schlitzwande 33 rapid floor finishes 398, aufTSZ / calcium sulfate base 399, on TSZ / Portland cement base 398 cutting pole product 494 Schnurgerust 28 screws 236 screw connection 236 thrust 2 debris … Sprinkler or Schaumloschanlagen 754 sprinkler systems 565 injecting water protection 648 Sprodbruch 2 Spundwande 33 Stabdubel 228 rod parquet, 462 reinforced concrete, 53(s.a.Beton), pasture Ben wall elements 185, beam 317, construction, 53-elements 177 skelettbau 243, facade elements 185 …
  • Task collection Technical mechanism
    … spring 728 screw gears 360 screw thread 359, 915 screw longitudinal force 961 screw spindle 725 screw winds 383 screw tension spring 625, 627 … … shear stress 863 push rod 669, 907 push rod … … welding transducers 597 welding compound 863 welding time 409 … … 860 voltage cross-section 663, 693, 961 clamping device 117 clamping path 959 rafters (strut) 44 Spill …

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