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  • Heat Versus Ultrasonic Installation
    that the features are. without degradation of components is required, Threaded mirrored in the plastic as shown in Figures. Inserts provide a serviceable thread which satisfies both of 2 and 3. It is extremely important to ensure. these needs. proper plastic flow into the features of the. Insert as this dictates
  • Medical Device Link .
    in time-critical emergency situations The system was created to provide safe, reliable, and rapid venous access for infusion of vital fluids and medications. As an alternative to a peripheral IV, the FAST 1 system employs an introducer to insert an infusion tube into the top bone of the sternum. The sternal
  • KENT Systems: A Comparison
    . Pouch Fitment. Collection 4 Datasheet. Tube Fittings >. Tube Fitting Overview. Tube Fittings. Tube Unions. Elbows. Tees. Threaded Fittings. Biodegradable Fittings Overview. Fitting Datasheet. Media Bags >. Media Bag Overview. Media Bags. Media Bag Datasheet. Tubing >. Acrolene XP Overview. Acrolene XP
  • Medical Device Link .
    in the fluid path. Figure 1. (click to enlarge) Section view of a flat-bottom port. A flared connection is made by forming the tube end into a shape similar to that of a trumpet bell. This flared tube is then put into a flat-bottom port (see Figure 1). A threaded fitting is used to compress the face
  • Medical Device Link . PROFILE: Sensors Provide Accurate Liquid-Level Monitoring in Immunoassay Analyzer
    also designed a threaded bottle cap into the sensor assembly for one complete unit. The analyzer's operator needs only to unscrew the entire one-piece sensor assembly from the bottle, insert the sensor assembly down into a new bottle, and screw the top back on. Having one hole in the bottle instead
  • Medical Device Link .
    Inc. (Pittsburgh, PA; uses collets that support tube diameters ranging from 0.5 to 16 mm. The collet is retained with a threaded cap that enables quick changeover, and is configured in a fail-safe, normally closed mode where full clamping force is applied when no air pressure
  • Reinventing the Industrial Shock Absorber
    ,. pressures beyond. prevent impact damage, dampen noise, and increase. recommended limits. equipment speeds. They’re also simple to apply. One. Not surprisingly, a. need only approximate the correct size shock from a. larger piston, inner. few different models and then tune it on the machine. tube
  • Die Cutting Glossary of Terms
    types of cutting punches are: Center bevel punches Feed thru punches Cup punches Hang hole punches Straight wall punches Seamless punch Serrated punches Side outlet punches Threaded screw punches Tube punches. QUICK RELEASE MECHANISMS. Quick release fixtures and assemblies designed into the heads

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