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  • Shoulder Screws-Image
    Shoulder Screws - (85 companies)
    Shoulder screws, also called stripper bolts, are a type of machine screw with integral threads that are only present on half or less of the screw shank. A shoulder screw has a partially smooth shaft that will allow the bolted material some rotation...
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  • Lockbolts-Image
    Lockbolts - (39 companies)
    Lockbolts are two-piece fasteners that consist of a headed, parallel-shank pin with a serrated end and collar. An assembly tool is used to swage the collar onto the serrated grooves in the pin and break the stem flush to the top of the collar. Shear...
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  • Grinding Wheels-Image
    Grinding Wheels - (533 companies)
    Image Credit: Norton Abrasives. Grinding wheels are used for metal removal, dimensioning, and finishing. They consist of an integral shank, pin, shaft, or mandrel that drives a mounted wheel or blades. Types of Grinding Wheels. There are many types...
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  • Screws-Image
    Screws - (1327 companies)
    A screw is a wide-encompassing type of hardware fastener that attributes its mechanical capabilities to the helical groove that extends around the circumference of the device's shank. These threads provide the friction and traction that serves...
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  • Nails-Image
    Nails - (270 companies)
    Common nails have larger nail shank diameters than other nails. Wire nails are divided into five main classes which are: finishing. casing. box. common. duplex. Types. Common types of nails include common nails, brad nails, cap nails, double-headed nails...
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    Drill Bits - (1163 companies)
    ...edges are worn. Common materials of construction include high-speed steel, cobalt, carbide, and diamond PCD. Drill bits may be coated to assist in cutting lubricity and/or add abrasion resistance for longer tool life. Shank types include straight...
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    Router Bits - (270 companies)
    ...tipped and not made from solid carbide. Router bits specifications include cut length, cut angle, overall length, and shank size. The cut angles may vary from 7 to 18 and the shank sizes from 1/4 " to 1/2 ". Larger router bits have advantage over smaller...
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    Reamers - (464 companies)
    ...into the bottom of the hole and prevent the reamer from attaining full cut depth. When selecting a flute, there are four important specifications to consider: flute diameter and length, pilot diameter and length, number of flutes, and flute depth. Shank...
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    Thermowells - (260 companies)
    Thermowells are available in three main barrel or shank design types. The barrel, or shank, is the container style apparatus, which is inserted into the process flow. Since thermowells are inserted directly into the process flow, the goal is to allow...
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    Countersinks - (301 companies)
    Engagement angle - Countersinks are fashioned to a wide range of engagement angles (60 , 82 , 90 , 100 , 110 , 120 , 130 , 140 , etc.), and to either metric or English standards. Body diameter - Diameter of counter body above the angle. Shank...
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    … and a length; a shoulder having a threadless inner diameter slightly larger than the diameter of the exterior threaded solid pin and at least one substantially radial threaded set screw hole; an monolithic shoulder- shank having a threadless inner diameter slightly larger …
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    Besides, bolt shank was modeled to contact directly with the bolt hole of connection plate and the bolt was assumed to be threadless (Kim and Kawamura, 2007, 2008a, 2008b, 2009).

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