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Conduct Research a handheld navigation device such as a smartphone that has three-axis accelerometers, gyroscope and magnetometers adds a tenth degree of freedom. Pressure sensing allows the navigation device to locate the exact floor of a destination. MEMS pressure sensors typically measure the pressure difference across...

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Welcome - Bartington Instruments - High precision magnetic...
Single Axis Fluxgate Magnetometers Three-Axis Fluxgate Magnetometers HCS1 Three-Axis Helmholtz Coil System Shielding and Degaussing Equipment
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Three two-axis gyros, one digital Sun sensor, six coarse Sun sensors, one three-axis magnetometer, instrument guide telescope

NASA Polar, Wind, and Geotail Projects
The MGF experiment consists of dual three-axis fluxgate magnetometers and a three-axis search coil magnetometer.

MMA7260QT: 3-Axis Acceleration Sensor MMA7261QT: 3-Axis Acceleration Sensor with g-Select MMA8XXXEG: Digital X-Axis or Z-Axis Accelerometer
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RD4247MAG3110 Sensor Toolbox Tilt-Compensated eCompass Kit...

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Gyroscope - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
So the rotor possesses three degrees of rotational freedom and its axis possesses two.

Enceladus (moon) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Orbital characteristics Semi-major axis

Magnetic Anomaly Detection Using a Three-Axis Magnetometer
Magnetic Anomaly Detection Using a Three-Axis Magnetometer

Calibration of Three-Axis Magnetometer Using Stretching...
Calibration of Three-Axis Magnetometer Using Stretching Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm

ESA Science & Technology: Instruments
FGM - Flux Gate Magnetometer The FGM sensor consists of three identical single axis ring-core fluxgate sensors, arranged in an orthogonal triad.

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