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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
DM300020 Microchip Technology, Inc. Microchip Technology, Inc. Not Provided The Motor Control Development System provides the application developer with three main components for quick prototyping and validation of BLDC, PMAC and ACIM applications. The three main components are: dsPICDEM ™ MC1 Motor Control Development Board, dsPICDEM MC1L 3-Phase Low Voltage Power...
T-2A-53309-1S Allied Electronics, Inc. ACME ELECTRIC Not Provided Transformer; Three Phase; 480V Delta Primary 208Y/120 V Secondary - 6 kVA - 60Hz
37030 Allied Electronics, Inc. SIMPSON ELECTRIC Not Provided Transformer; Three-Phase Current; GIMA series three phase meter; 300:5; 60 Hz
2510-3 Allied Electronics, Inc. STACO ENERGY PROD CO Not Provided Transformer; Three Phase Wye Wiring, Single Phase Parallel Wiring; 50/60 Hz
5021E-3Y Allied Electronics, Inc. STACO ENERGY PROD CO Not Provided Transformer; Three Phase Wye Wiring; 240 V @ 60 Hz, 480 V @ 50/60 Hz; 28 A
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  • 3-phase Transformer
    The model presented here is the simulated results of the ohmic losses and flux density of a 3 phase transformer with a three limbed paramagnetic core ( µ_p˜8.0412×?10?^(-3) N/A^2 ). The symmetry in the z-axis has been used to minimize the problem size and accelerate solution time. The coils
  • White Paper: Comparing Transformer-free to Transformer-based UPS Designs
    There is growing interest in utilizing transformerfree. UPS modules in high power, three-phase critical. power backup applications. This prompts a debate. over which architecture-transformer-based or. transformer-free-is best suited for critical data. centers. In general, transformer-based UPSs
  • Functions, Variations and Application Areas of Magnetic Components
    , the voltages practically act as the number of turns. However, transformers will be subject to power degradation due to loss occurring in the materials used (copper and iron). It is differentiated between one-phase transformers and three-phase transformers.
  • The Terms "Neutral" and "Ground" Seem to be Used Interchangeably. Do They Mean the Same?
    A neutral is a connection to an electrical system. In a three-phase WYE configuration, one end of each of the three generator or transformer windings is connected to a common point. This common point is called the neutral connection. The single-phase three-wire system is the common arrangement used
  • Success Stories- Vacuum Switchgear
    Dead tank vacuum circuit breakers are three-phase devices designed for. power distribution substations. These breakers provide overcurrent protection. and isolation from short circuit conditions for expensive transformer. equipment with the reliability of a mechanical interruption
  • AvoidingGrid Meltdown
    them. Put another way, the inverter establishes a circulating power exchange among the three phases. The result is that the circuit can synthesize independently controllable voltages or currents, depending on the connection scheme, with a desired phase-angle relationship to the transmission line

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