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  • Medical Device Link . Benchtop EMC Testing Techniques for Medical Equipment Using loop probes to help test devices for electromagnetic compatibility saves costly redesign and complements open area and chamber tests.
    resistance (Rr), the simple bulk resistance of the loop (RL), and the inductance of the loop (L). All three of these quantities are usually very small, and the sum of their impedances is usually much smaller than the typical 50- input impedance of most receivers or spectrum analyzers. Consequently
  • Medical Device Link . New Test Equipment Offers Less Bulk, More Versatility
    the place of three standard test devices. In Europe, medical device manufacturers that perform the three common types of hardness tests Rockwell, Brinell, and Vickers must meet new ISO standards. "European companies needing to supply products compliant with these standards need to purchase new
  • Power Measurement Application Note
    phase three wire system, the two hot. conductors are 180° out of phase (referenced to the. neutral). A single phase three wire system requires two. single-phase wattmeters or one polyphase instrument. with two measuring elements (each element measures. voltage and current). This is shown in fig. H
  • Why Neutral Grounding Resistors Need Monitoring (.pdf)
    . Resistance grounding has been used in three-phase. industrial applications for many years. Properly designed. resistance grounding eliminates many of the problems. associated with solidly and ungrounded systems while. FIGURE 1. retaining their benefits. However, resistance grounding has a. An NGR can
  • Medical Device Link .
    or phase-neutral in a three-phase mains supply). However, it is important to note that Y capacitors can contribute directly to increasing the total leakage current in the ground lead. This is critical in medical applications because the leakage current limits are lower than for other applications. Therefore
  • Key Considerations for Medical Device Design
    HZ Power. Large Inductors / Reactors. Small Inductors / Chokes. Linear Single Phase Transformers. Linear Three Phase Transformers. Power Toroid Medical Grade. Power Toroid 50/60 Hz. Current Monitoring (AC). Current Sense Transformer Line Frequency 50 / 60 HZ. High Frequency Current Monitoring
  • Improving Motor Reliability Through Static and Dynamic Testing (.pdf)
    . on which phase is closest to the rotor at a given degree rotation. The EMAX identifies an eccentric air gap by capturing three phases of current simultaneously. This signal is evaluated. as a high frequency spectrum for non-synchronous peaks 120hz apart as seen in figure 6. These peaks appear
  • Medical Device Link . EMI and Power Supplies in Medical Electronics
    supply designers must consider three kinds of EMI coupling paths: Below 1 MHz, differential-mode conducted energy dominates; between 1 and 30 MHz, common-mode conducted interference dominates; and above 30 MHz, radiated interference dominates. Because common-mode interference, which is very difficult

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