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  • Emergency Troubleshooting and Retrofit of Obsolete 60" Roll Lathe
    A Midwestern steel industry manufacturer's roll lathe stopped working. The lathe was critical to the operation of the hot mill and further downtime was not acceptable. The situation was further complicated by lack of current hydraulic and electrical diagrams. The lathe manufacturer had not been
  • Colloid, Dispersion and Roller Mills
    and stator or chamber provides emulsification or dispersion. Often, the rotors have a serrated outer surface. Some dispersion mills with larger gaps also use fine beads within the liquid to enhance dispersion. Roller mills or three-roll (3-roll) mills disperse and refine a fine powder or pigment
  • Scale deposit problems
    accumulates. Indeed, the commercial production of radium is achieved by enrichment via the addition of barium to a suspension of radium sulfate that results in almost quantitative recovery of radium. International Paper conducted a survey of piping and equipment in three of its mills and identified
  • New Rules of Mixer Specification and Testing
    use the Double Planetary for. the initial phase, then finish the dispersion in a high shear device, such as a high speed. disperser or Three-Roll Mill. But in many cases the PowerMix hybrid is a better choice,. because you can control shear, maintain levels that are within safe limits – and carry
  • Planetary Mixers
    (120 – 379). • Drum mixers. localized build-up of heat. away from the PowerMix and raised to discharge an electronic ink. PDM-200 Gal. 25. 30, 40, 50. 66 – 200 (250 – 757). directly into a Three Roll Mill. Side-mounted flush ball valves ensure. PDM-300 Gal. 40. 50, 60, 75. 100 – 300 (380 – 1,136)
  • Sensor reeling technology
    of various layouts of the equipment being in touch with the paper. Not just a centre wind assist but also the stiffness of a reel spool and/or the surface of the drum have a major impact on the quality of a wound roll. All three measures to achieve better reeling results are being discussed
  • The effects of wood
    it is conceivable that this will cause greater polymerisation of wood resin components and subsequently result in pitch deposition problems. Indeed, studies have shown that linseed oils in aqueous systems gel after three days at 25oC and the rate of gel formation increases with increase in temperature30
  • Pulp and paper facilities
    and provide the revenue stream that is modelled. The discussion below examines three different greenfield facilities which will in the future continue to be important sources of fibre and product: Virgin market pulp mill Market BCTMP mill Recycled fibre containerboard mill Explored will be their design

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