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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
CBR3S-M0 Heilind Electronics, Inc. PANDUIT TY-Wraps Cable Tie, In-Line, 10.8"L (274mm), Stan
FTZ 93795 PEI-Genesis FTZ Industries Not Provided TIE 10.5"IN LINE UV BLACK
ILT2S-C0 Allied Electronics, Inc. PANDUIT Not Provided Cable Tie, In-Line, 8.3"L (211mm), Stand
HV9150-C0 Allied Electronics, Inc. PANDUIT Not Provided Cable Tie, In-Line, 20.7"L (525mm), Weat
CBR1M-M30 Digi-Key Panduit Corp Cables, Wires - Management CABLE TIE IN-LINE 4.1"
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  • Smart Computing Article - LIMDOW to LISP
    of their capability to tie two phone lines together, two-line adapters can help small businesses save on the cost of leasing a second, separate phone number. As with dual-line adapters, two-line adapters also are equipped with gold-plated contacts within the connecting apparatus. A triplex adapter
  • The ins and outs of rack-and-pinion steering
    the vehicle is traveling straight ahead. Because the tie rod cannot move through an arc, slots in the lever arm allow for sliding between the tie rod and spindle lever. When a vehicle with a properly designed steering system turns, centerlines drawn through both front axles intersect a line extending
  • Design Win: Parker SSD Brings a Warm Breeze (.pdf)
    a generator with grid tie inverter, angular position (yaw) control, and a supervisory control panel for their new compact product line.
  • Parker SSD Brings a Warm Breeze with Direct Drive (.pdf)
    with grid tie inverter, angular position (yaw) control, and a supervisory control panel for their new compact product line.
  • Medical Device Link .
    the screw. The S-series units incorporate many of the features found on Husky's E- and G-series machines. A hydromechanical clamp has a bayonet-style locking mechanism attached to the clamp piston. This design eliminates the shut-height adjustment on the tie bars and reduces the maintenance required
  • Corona & Testing - Who, What, When, Where & Why
    the radio reception and will require other detectors. Electrical arcing, micro-arcing, and for a utility items such as loose tie wires at
  • Making light work of big bolts
    . MJTs' relatively small size often let several technicians work at the same time to tighten them. Superbolt Inc. developed multijackbolt tensioners for a forging press with 28-in.-diameter threaded tie-rods. -in. studs that needed to be tensioned to 45,000 psi held the end caps on four heat exchangers
  • MICRO:Analysis and Metrology-Yield Management, by David Guidry (Oct '99)
    steps, today engineers can tie die failures directly to historical inspection data. Previously, each engineer could analyze only 10 or 20 failures per week, thus providing very limited information. Now engineers can routinely bitmap a sample of wafers from every lot and quickly provide hundreds
  • Computer Power User Article - Components We Crave
    processors the best of 06. Intel s quad-core Core 2 Extreme QX6700 processor sports a pair of 4MB Conroe cores linked together via the chip s packaging. Winner: Tie, Intel Core 2 Extreme X6800 & Core 2 Extreme QX6700 We know it s a bit capricious to select two processors as the best of 06
  • 2007 Ford Explorer Sport Trac
    , tie-downs on the inside and outside of the bed, and a safety latch inside the bed's tonneau cover in case someone should get trapped are some of the amenities. And with a 130.5-in. wheelbase, 210.2-in. length, and 72.5-in. height, the vehicle is almost the perfect size -- big, but not humongous