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  • Improved Tribometry on Walking Surfaces
    Several ASTM committees have devised various "standard" means of measuring slip-resistance for such disparate classes of products and materials as shoe bottom compounds , ceramic tile , floor polish , and bathtub and shower surfaces.
  • New Blended Cement from Polishing and Glazing Ceramic Sludge are essentially composed of a mix of fine residues of the fired ceramic body (75%) and coarse residues (particles of SiC, Ca, and Mg car- bonates, soluble chlorine compounds from the abrasive tools used in the polishing tile surface process4 ).
  • Book reviews
    And ~he product: nmnufactured with such chemically trea,ted cellulose range from paper pulp through fibers, plastic:, fingernail polish and compounds to relieve stomach ttlcers, to tile annual sale: of over $10,000,000 worth of synthetic sausage casing:.
  • Trade-Marks
    ...Cement Varnish Ropes Oleomargarine Roofing Soap Hosiery Ale Textiles Perfume Rum Wine Snap fasteners Cooking oil Liquor Medicine Rubber heel Cosmetics Athlete's foot remedy Auto polish ChewingJgum Dry-cleaning compound Hair-dye applier Nursery seat Safety goggles Fiber tile Shoes Seat covers .
  • Encyclopedia of Industrial Additives, Volume 2
    ...heavy duty household and industrial cleaners, e.g., wall and floor Category /Applications: Detergent, emulcleaners, floor wax removers, scouring sifier , dispersant, stabilizer; pigment dispowders, metal polishes , glass and bottle persant... ...stabilizer; wool scouring; washing compounds , brick and tile cleanore flotation; rug shampoos...
  • Wet Milling & Material Processing
    Industries such as ceramic tile , brick, refractory coatings, oil and gas materials, glass, whitewares, pigments, elec- tronics, polishing compounds , ceramic inks, and crucible manufacturing may use for- mulas requiring near- and sub-micron par- ticle sizes, opening new avenues to achieving enhanced...
  • The Chemical Formulary, Volume 7
    The wax type of sweeping compound is intended for use on floorings, such as linoleum, rubber, asphalt tile , mastic, and polished wood, that may be affected by oils.
  • States > Pennsylvania > State > Proposed Regulations > 2007 Documents > September 8, 2007 > [2007 PA Proposed pa-20070908-0017-0001728] 25 Pa Code 130 - Consum...
    ...body cleaner or soap,'' ''astringent/toner,'' ''automotive brake cleaner,'' ''automotive hard paste wax,'' ''automotive instant detailer,'' ''automotive rubbing or polishing compound ,'' ''automotive wax, polish , sealant or glaze,''... ...fluid,'' ''bathroom and tile cleaner,'' ''bug and...
  • Voltammetry of Organic Microparticles
    Its clean and carefully polished circular surface was contaminated with traces of solid organic compounds by pressing it into a small pile of substance powder on a highly glazed ceramic tile and moving it with a circular motion for about 10 s.
  • States > Connecticut > State > Proposed Regulations > 2006 Documents > June 1, 2006 > [2006 CT Proposed ct-20060601-0035-0003357] 22a-174-20, 40, 41 - Implemen...
    ...Aerosols 30Double-Phase Aerosols 25Liquids/ Pump Sprays 18Solids and Semi-solids 3AntiperspirantsAerosol 40 HVOC10 MVOCNon-Aerosol 0 HVOC0 MVOCAutomotive Brake Cleaners 45Automotive Rubbing or Polishing Compound 17Automotive Wax, Polish , Sealant or GlazeHard Paste... ...Washer Fluids 35Bathroom and Tile CleanersAerosols 7All Other Forms...