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  • Measure Tilt Using PIC16F84A & ADXL202
    capacitive ADXL accelerometers from Ana-. Microchip Technology Inc. log Devices, in particular the ADXL202. The example. application will use the ADXL202 accelerometer with. the PIC16F84A in a tilt meter. The PIC16F84A is a. INTRODUCTION. good match with the ADXL202 because all acceleration. Recent
  • Radiation Tolerance of Jewell Instruments Tilt Sensors
    in southern California. The sensors in these. tiltmeters are representative of all of the sensors used in our. 500-, 700- and 800-Series tilt sensing products. ./cfd55db5-cca2-4f8b-815c-3e7f7df95ac7 Radiation Tolerance of Jewell Instruments Tilt Sensors. Tech Note. In 1987 we delivered a large
  • Mini Pan/Tilt for HD Cameras (.pdf)
    of feet underground. maxon EC motors overcome extreme conditions. Read Application Note. Mini Pan/Tilt for HD Cameras. With digital television fast approaching, camera manufacturers are flooding the market with new, lightweight units, but few companies are providing the professional equipment that goes
  • Inertial Sensor Theory 101
    acceleration and tilt from DC through a specified frequency. Inertial Sensor Theory 101. Jewell Instruments. Sensors, Meters, Avionic Instrumentation, Tools. Sensors Controls. Geophysical/Tech Sensors. Precision Linear Angular Accelerometers. Force Balanced Quartz Flexure Accelerometers. Precision
  • Tiltmeter Temperature Coefficients: Source, Definition and Use to Improve Accuracy
    are seized at the movable end, thermal expansion of the span by an amount ΔL will result in a tilt of the right pier. (Figure 5b) of θ = sin-1 (ΔL/H). If the temperature change is 10oC, α is 10-5/°C and span length L is 30 meters, then ΔL =. (10°C)(10-5/ °C)(30,000 mm) = 3 mm. For a pier that is 3 meters
  • The Slant on Saturn's Rings
    This is a series of images of Saturn, as seen at many different wavelengths, when the planet's rings were at their maximum tilt of 27 degrees toward Earth. Saturn experiences seasonal tilts away from and toward the Sun, much the same way Earth does. This happens over the course of its 29.5-year
  • You Just Backed Up Over My Foot: Why Didn't I Hear Your Back-Up Alarm?
    when moving forwad, platform moving, load bed dumping, tilt. warning, and for backing up. Of all the uses for audible alarms in IUV applications, the backup. warning application evokes the most debate among all parties due of the amount of injuries. and deaths that occur every year to pedestrians
  • MICRO: Prod Tech News
    , South Hall, Booth 426) The portable ultrasonic Fog-Gun is for use in environments that require totally portable, visible vapor generation. The battery-powered, handheld, on-demand fogger has no extension cords, is portable and lightweight, and is equipped with a two-speed fan. Built-in tilt and level