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  • Safe as Houses
    they constantly monitor. completely free of any hazardous. the platform’s position and report any. materials but also provide selectable. excessive tilt in order to trigger alarms. output signals. The switches operate on. and stop the motors or operate the brakes. the basis of a contactless measurement
  • Airport Perimeter Security
    strobe alarms. A high-resolution IP video camera (with. night vision and pan/tilt controls), along with an N-Tron 7506GX2 gigabit switch, completed. the confi guration. The 7506GX2 was selected for its jumbo frame capability needed to. handle large data packets generated by high-resolution cameras
  • Manlifts, Scissor Lifts, and Aerial Work Platforms
    they all have in common is that they use a Tilt. The SPECTROTILTtm II Dual Axis Inclinometer, which. Sensor or Tilt Switch (commonly referred to as a. has variable DC outputs, has more distinct. ‘level sensor’ in this industry) as part of their safety. advantages. The DC output can be interpolated
  • MICRO: Prod Tech News
    polysulphone. The vane meters provide a local indication of flow rate and have a simple design. They also have cost-effective transmitters for remote readouts, recording, or data logging, and alarm switches that indicate flow failure. The SX model accommodates 1/4- to
  • Pressure Transmitters Increasing Efficiency and Safety
    Indicators. Sight Flow Indicators with Outputs. Level. Bin Vibrators. Level Indicators. Level Switches. Capacitive. Conductivity. Diaphragm. Displacer. Float. Inductive. Optical. Paddle. Rod. Tilt. Tuning Fork. Ultrasonic. Level Transmitters. Capacitive. Float. Mechanical. Radar. Submersible
  • How to Maintain your Dust Collector
    . Ultrasonic. Flowmeters. Dial. In-Line. Orifice Plate. Thermal Dispersion. Totalizing. Ultrasonic. Variable Area. With Switch Output. With Transmitter Output. Mass Flowmeters and Controllers. Sight Flow Indicators. Sight Flow Indicators with Outputs. Level. Bin Vibrators. Level Indicators. Level Switches
  • The World's Most Advanced Linear Variable Differential Transformer Signal Conditioner
    . Seismometers. Silo Level. Smoke Detectors (Industrial). Solids Level. Strain Gauges. Tank Level Sensor. Temperature Gauges. Thermal Analysis. Thermal Conductivity Sensors. Thermistors. Thermocouples. Thermometers. Tilt sensor. Torque Sensors. Turbidity Sensors. Ultrasonic Sensor. Variometers. Vibrating

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