Products/Services for Timber Lagging

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    Retaining Walls - (90 companies)
    Retaining walls are used to retain earth, prevent erosion, and create level surfaces in sloping areas. Learn More
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    Pulley and Roller Lagging - (21 companies)
    ...applied to the lagging surface. Once it cures and adheres, the coating provides a protective layer.\. Other types of pulley and roller laggings include rolls, sheets and sleeve. Roll-shaped configurations are long, narrow materials wrapped into a roll... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Soundproofing and Acoustic Materials-Image
    Soundproofing and Acoustic Materials - (428 companies)
    Sound proofing and acoustic materials are used to attenuate, deaden, or control sound and noise levels from machinery and other sources for environmental amelioration and regulatory compliance. Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Lumber and Sawmill Equipment-Image
    Lumber and Sawmill Equipment - (82 companies)
    Lumber and sawmill equipment is designed for the lumber industry and used in sawmills, timber, and forestry applications. Lumber and sawmill equipment is used in sawmill, timber, and forestry applications. Sawmill equipment includes tools... Learn More
  • Lumber and Engineered Wood-Image
    Lumber and Engineered Wood - (622 companies)
    Lumber and engineered wood are materials derived from trees and include timber, lumber, veneer, wood pulp, wood flour, pellets and chips. There are two basic types of timber: hardwoods and softwoods. Hardwood trees have leaves, uneven branching... Learn More
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    Beams, Joists, and Wall Studs - (217 companies)
    ...are fitted, wall plates are installed. In residential construction, these rafters, beams and joists are mounted and then fitted with firings, lengths of timber that are cut from corner to corner to form very long triangles. Learn More
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    Thermowells - (259 companies)
    ...of thermowells, there are a number of important specifications to keep in mind. Foremost among these are stem length and bore diameter of the thermowell, the temperature and viscosity of the media into which the thermowell will be seated, and lagging extensions... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Spikes - (21 companies)
    ...applications. A railroad spike has an L-shaped head and a square shank with a wedge-shaped tip. A standard cut spike can be driven through planking or heavy timber, and can be used for deck or bridge work. A stake is made of wood or metal and sharpened... Learn More
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    Connector Plates - (29 companies)
    Connector plates have integral teeth, are manufactured to various sizes and thicknesses, and are designed to laterally transmit loads in wood. They are also known as nail plates, truss plates, metal connector plates, and foundation wall angles. Learn More
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    Chisels - (89 companies)
    ...a short chisel with beveled sides and a straight edge. Framing chisel -- similar to a butt chisel with a longer and more flexible blade. Registered chisels -- square sides instead of beveled and used more frequently in timber framing instead... Learn More

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