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  • Company News
    ...of library item circulation (bar-coding books), property management, electronics, automotive products and tires , medical labs and... ...Paul, MN-based corporation, is a world leader in the production of preprinted bar-code label products. ...through the successful manage- ment, marketing and manufacturingof sequentially numbered, preprinted bar code labels and label applicators .
  • Again, Erroneous, Incorrect Information Abounds!
    But I wouldn't want to be party to any suggestion that a commercial applicator can put it on any more safely than the average homeowner who reads and follows the directions on the label .

    Once again, the tiring old idea that if it's organic, it must be good.

  • Bookshelf and Unified Agenda > Environmental Protection Agency > Office of Administrative Law Judges > Environmental Appeals Board > Formal Opinions > 1997 > [...
    The citations to the Phostoxin label in this decision actually appear in the applicator ’s manual attached to the approved label. Human Hair, Rubberized Hair, Vulcanized Hair, Mohair Leather Products, Animal Hides and Furs Tires (for mosquito control...
  • Technical Note: Compatibility Among Three Tillage Systems and Types of Planter Presswheels and Furrow Openers for Vertisol Clay Soils
    Planter Opener Type Zero-Pressure Rubber Tires Cast Iron Wheels Curved-Spoke Wheels Wheel Angle from Vertical... ...N from 32-0-0 (N-P-K) solution with coulter-nozzle type applicators positioned in the... Weeds were controlled with labeled herbicides.
  • ASTM 00.01 - Subject Index; Alphanumeric Index
    Standard Smooth Tire for Pavement Skid-Resistance Tests, Specification for, E524 (04.03) Bituminous roofing materials Accelerated... ...with Estuarine and Marine Invertebrates, Test Method for, E1367 (11.06) Bivouac sack Labeling of Backpacking and... ...Bladder pump Sampling Ground-Water Monitoring Wells, Guide for, D4448 (11.04) Blade applicator Application of Emulsion...
  • RFID Labeler: NJM/CLI Introduces Enhanced Model 401X Pallet Labeler For RFID Tagging And Print & Apply Labeling
    Ideal for pallets as well as barrels, tires and other large products, the 401X offers a standard... ...Pallet Labeler can be easily integrated with a plant wide network to download labeling data to the... An optional breakaway base allows the entire machine to pivot if the applicator arm is hit, eliminating...
  • States > Utah > State > Proposed Regulations > 2013 Documents > March 1‚ 2013 > Rule R307-357 - Consumer Products (New Rule)
    ...but does not include "Multi-purpose Solvents", paint brush cleaners, products designed and labeled exclusively to remove... ...that is added to paint to make it less thick or to remove paint from an applicator . a product that protects, preserves or renews vinyl or rubber on vehicles, tires , luggage, furniture, or...
  • Thinking About the Box...
    Global home improvement retailer The Home Depot sports its own Eco Options label for products that meet... Estée Lauder’s Idealist Cooling Eye Illuminator, for example, features a “first-to-market�? specially contoured applicator that cools, massages and helps re-energize the look of tired , puffy eyes instantly.
  • Anhydrous Ammonia - Health And Safety Issues
    non-flammable gas placard or a similar hazardous materials warning label for smaller containers. ...small, makeshift containers to collect, store and transport the ammonia stolen from nurse tanks or applicator hoses. Garden hoses or even bicycle tire inner tubes are used in the transfer process from tank to...
  • Up Front About Weeds, Porches
    ...gif" align="left" WIDTH="15" HEIGHT="1">We're tired of cutting grass. Always read the labels , always follow the instructions to the letter, always keep the stuff in a safe place and label the applicators .

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