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  • Optimisation
    sampling system and autotitrator, it provides outputs for control, based on actual process titration results. The alkali analyzer system consists of sample unit, with 4 or 8 sample points, and a measurement unit with one or two titration modules. New measurement result will be available every 8 minutes
  • Concentration Measurement
    titration that uses 0.1N HCl to titrate to a pH of 4. The result is reported in percent concentration by alkalinity. This concentration method measures all alkaline type materials (which are chemicals that have a pH above 7 and up to 14) in the mix. Some of the typical alkaline materials in metalworking
  • Water in Aromatic/Acetone Mixtures with a ChemView (R) Photometer
    were determined by KF titration. Samples contain isopropyl benzene, acetone and phenol in approximately constant ratios. Results: C-H activity occurs in the 1700-1800 and 1100-1200 nm regions. The strong peaks at about 1690 and 1150 nm are due to aromatic C-H. Water occurs in two regions at 1430 nm
  • New analysis methods for digester management
    on-line alkali analyzer, which utilizes a standardized laboratory titration method. Its quick and accurate measurements are suited for cooking control applications, and it has already given promising results both in continuous and batch cooking processes. 2 ALKALI ANALYZER FOR COOKING The kajaaniALKALI
  • Medical Device Link .
    dispensing and metering without leakage. Incorporating ceramics and other inert wetted parts, the Travcyl pump can be used in a number of medical applications, including kidney dialysis, chromatography, titration, and preparation of IV solutions. The pump uses alternating pistons to draw and expel
  • Medical Device Link .
    . Possible applications include titration plates, instrument trays, and implant packaging. The transparent film may also be considered for the fabrication of blood heat exchangers. It would allow blood flow to be visually monitored, notes one of the firm 's engineers, and the material shares the high
  • The role of sodium silicate
    was determined by EDTA titration against a Calcon indicator. 3. Collector soap was pre-mixed with some hot water and added at a rate of 7.2 g/kg of dry pulp. The current addition rate in the Merebank deinking plant was 4 kg/ton dry pulp, but it was necessary to add more soap in the laboratory flotation cell
  • Determination of Mercury (Hg) in Water by Hand-Held Portable Cold Vapor Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometry
    was started there was a one minute delay before titration was started in order to add the sample material to the bubbler.  Once the titration started there was a minimum of 1 minute that the instrument titrated before the test could end.  This was to ensure that lubricant was able to heat up and begin

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