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  • Determination of Water Hardness
    Originally the hardness of water was defined as the capacity of water for destroying the lather of soap. The hardness was determined by a titration with a standard soap solution. Metal ions including have the ability to cause hardness. However, today water hardness means the total calcium
  • Pure Chlorite Standard Developed
    chlorite was developed at our facilities between 1998 and 2001. The final product is a Certified Reference Material that is certified by Iodometric Titration and Ion Chromatography. Currently, we have one year of stability data on the first lot of 1K ClO2- and our study is ongoing.
  • Medical Device Link . Microspheres, part 1:
    ) titration is a standard colloid chemist's technique for determining the amount of open surface area on polymeric microspheres. The chemist titrates a known amount of clean or as-received microspheres with a standard soap solution, then measures the surface tension. Soap adsorbs onto
  • Medical Device Link . Conducting Health-Based Risk Assessments of Medical Materials
    was 0.2 g/ml, with a 0.1-ml aliquot of sample extract being applied to a culture dish. Thus, 0.2 g/ml x 0.1 ml = 0.02 g represents a toxic dose of fishing line. Dose-Response Assessment. A titration curve was obtained on the sample extract. If the sample was diluted 1:2, the test was still positive
  • Determination of Mercury (Hg) in Water by Hand-Held Portable Cold Vapor Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometry
    was started there was a one minute delay before titration was started in order to add the sample material to the bubbler.  Once the titration started there was a minimum of 1 minute that the instrument titrated before the test could end.  This was to ensure that lubricant was able to heat up and begin
  • Optimisation
    . In a typical application, samples are taken from green liquor, causticizing vessels and white liquor to digesters. The analyzer takes samples and analyzes them automatically. The analysis is based on ABC-titration procedure (Standard SCAN 30:85), the most widely used method in kraft mill
  • Lubrication Pocket Glossary
    one gram of an oil sample. ASTM D664 uses. a potentiometric titration; ASTM D974 uses a color-. indicator titration. Also known as Neutralization Number. Acidity. Denotes the presence of acid-type constituents. Additive. A chemical compound or compounds added to a lubricant. to impart new properties
  • Medical Device Link .
    dispensing and metering without leakage. Incorporating ceramics and other inert wetted parts, the Travcyl pump can be used in a number of medical applications, including kidney dialysis, chromatography, titration, and preparation of IV solutions. The pump uses alternating pistons to draw and expel
  • Medical Device Link .
    . Possible applications include titration plates, instrument trays, and implant packaging. The transparent film may also be considered for the fabrication of blood heat exchangers. It would allow blood flow to be visually monitored, notes one of the firm 's engineers, and the material shares the high
  • New analysis methods for digester management
    on-line alkali analyzer, which utilizes a standardized laboratory titration method. Its quick and accurate measurements are suited for cooking control applications, and it has already given promising results both in continuous and batch cooking processes. 2 ALKALI ANALYZER FOR COOKING The kajaaniALKALI