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  • Medical Device Link . Molecular tools for building nucleic acid IVDs
    continue to advance and provide the tools to build effective and useful assays. The industry is still young, and much remains to be accomplished. This article describes technologies recently developed at Gen-Probe, Inc. (San Diego), and offers examples of some of the tools currently available with which
  • Medical Device Link .
    Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry Peter Kleinhenz and Christine Vogdes Used in conjunction with an electrosurgical unit (ESU) that supplies the necessary power, electrosurgical devices are a routine part of both laparoscopic and open surgical procedures. These devices can cut, cauterize
  • Medical Device Link .
    HONOR ROLL OF PRODUCTS AND SERVICES Offered in either six- or seven-axis models, an 8-ft portable coordinate-measuring machine (CMM) provides accurate measurement to within 0.0007 in. Operators guide the Quantum FaroArm 's touch-probe along the surface of the object to be measured. The CMM 's
  • Medical Device Link .
    Molecular tools for diagnostics were first introduced in the mid-1980s as DNA probes used to confirm microbiological cultures. A decade later, FDA had approved nucleic acid tests (NATs) that employed target- or signal-amplification technologies to test patient samples directly. Now, almost 10 years
  • Medical Device Link .
    the quantitative, relative importance of different surface modifiers. Much of this understanding centres on new, model designer surfaces, systematic investigation in controlled biofluids and the new measurement tools arising from surface-probe techniques such as atomic force microscopy, which
  • Medical Device Link . Mapping Human Anatomy from MRI Data for Improved Product Development
    into the body, such as hearing aids, surgical tools, and diagnostic imaging probes, can benefit from the use of anatomical models in product development. By seeing how the device will fit the body early in the design process, product engineers can dramatically improve the ergonomics of these types
  • Medical Device Link .
    Ultrasound machines are widely used as diagnostic tools in the field of medicine. They work by scanning the body with a probe that emits high-frequency sound wave pulses. When these sound waves contact areas of concern in the body they are reflected back to the probe. The probe transmits
  • Medical Device Link .
    and cancer tumor type classification. Microarrays serve as an important tool to query biological phenomena and obtain differential gene-expression information on relevant sets of genes. More recently, arrays with a small number of probes and custom gene content, as well as theme arrays that focus

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