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  • Impulse Response of the 59579-02 Wide-Angle Sensor
    The following graphs show the response of the viscously damped 59579-02 Wide-Angle Sensor to a sudden impulse. The impulse was generated by rotating the tiltmeter through angles of 19.8 and 4.4 degrees by pulling a gage block out from under the tooling ball at one end of a Model 791 Tiltmeter
  • Worcester Controls Corp. Eliminates Galling and Boosts Ball Valve Life 50% With Mirror-Smooth Coating
    , Rubber & Molds. Powder Bulk Solids. Printing & Labeling. Space. Valves, Pumps & Compressors. Friction CD Tool. Request Form. Tooling Solutions. Request Form. Technical Info. Concept Animation. Facility Capabilities. Processes. Specs. Accreditations. Corporate Approvals. Literature. Literature & Spotlight
  • ServoClass (R) Coupling Eliminates Backlash Potential in Integrated Seam Sealing Systems; Couplings Connect Servo Motors to Ball Screws
    connects Servo motor to ball screws. Three are employed in each system. Lids are automatically picked up from lid bin tooling. The tooling can hold up to thousands of lids, and is easily changeable to handle different lid sizes. Solid State Equipment Corporation, a technology leader in manufacturing
  • PC-Based Controls (.pdf)
    This paper explores the benefits of PC-based controls for use on machines that conduct high speed machining with micro-tooling. The paper's intent is to prove that PC-based controls for such machines are absolutely essential in today's changing manufacturing market
  • Illinois Family Achieves American Dream with Jet Edge Waterjet
    Lee was weighing career options when his longtime tooling salesman suggested that he look into precision waterjet technology. At that time, waterjet manufacturers were just beginning to introduce machines with tighter tolerances, and Lee recognized the technology's tremendous potential. JET EDGE
  • Medical Device Link .
    be micromolded or hot-embossed to produce the desired fluid path.1 Only one viable, cost-effective method is available to produce a polymer-based laminated device. That is, to produce hard tooling and die-cut the individual layers. These production methods have one similarity: they all require manufacturers
  • Medical Device Link .
    . It can also be configured to coextrude up to three layers as well as single or multiple stripes. Engineered for compounding and the coating of wire, thread, small tubing, and small profiles, the system is also suited for low-output applications. It easily adapts to quick-change tooling. Simply turning
  • Better bearings lead to better parts
    Fitting machine tools with roller linear guideways can improve accuracy, surface finish, feed speed, and productivity. Linear guideways position workpieces and tooling, and are key components in most machine tools. Linear guideways are one of the most-important parts in the power-transmission train