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  • Technicalities
    the application of a magnetic sleeve or similar method to yield a shielded inductor. It should be noted that magnetic. shielding is a matter of degree. A certain percentage of the magnetic field will escape the core material. This is even applicable for. toroidal cores as lower core permeabilities
  • Limited-Angle Torque Motors
    the armature core to the outer housing than in toroidal versions, which can rely only on the mounting tabs for heat conduction. Thus, slot-wound types generally can carry heavier loads than corresponding toroidally wound motors. Slot-wound LATs, however, exhibit more torque ripple (cogging) and generate
  • Optimize Power Factor Correction Inductors
    powdered, amorphous, ferrites, and others. Silicon steel and nickel iron are available as tape wound cores or laminated pieces. Non-magnetic toroids are also available to make air core toroidal inductors. For Power Factor Correction applications, powdered iron, Kool-mu (Sendust), Hi Flux, moly-permalloy
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    is a by-product of the toroidal core 's construction. The core is made using electrical-grade steel strip, with a screen winding and tape isolation between the primary and secondary windings. It is virtually air-gap free and has very low losses. A plastic housing adds external protection

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