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Parts by Number for Toroidal Choke Coil Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
CTP4560 Series   API Technologies Inductors, Coils, and Chokes CTP4560 is a medium current inductor with the following data and features: • Core type: 0.80 ” o.d., Moly-Permalloy Powder, perm 125. • Power rating: 1.2 watts for temp. rise 50 °C. • Typical applications: Switching Inductors in Switch Mode Power Supplies. Four mounting...
VTP-30005   Premier Magnetics, Inc. Inductors, Coils, and Chokes Optimized for Use as a High-Frequency DC Choke
CMT-8109   Triad Magnetics Inductors, Coils, and Chokes D e s c r i p t i o n. Highly dependable Triad common mode EMI suppression inductors are used in various types of power supplies to eliminate noise common to all lines. These units also provide effective differential mode filtering. Meeting VDE, IEC, UL and CSA requirements, they minimize AC line...
304-13   West Coast Magnetics Inductors, Coils, and Chokes West Coast Magnetics ' high frequency inductors are designed for use as filters in high frequency power supplies. They will handle significant amounts of DC and will attenuate frequencies as high as 500 MHz. The winding has been optimized to maximize the inductance and minimize the losses under...
504-8   West Coast Magnetics Inductors, Coils, and Chokes West Coast Magnetics ' 504 series common mode chokes provide excellent noise attenuation in a small package. With a continuous RMS current rating in excess of 20 amps, this common mode choke can actually handle up to 50 amps for a short duration of time. This choke also features high noise...
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  • How To Select And Use Ferrite/Nanocrystalline
    connection. Figure 1. Typically, COMMON MODE CHOKE is wound on toroidal core, gapless H core or EE core. The most common material used is high permeability manganese zinc ferrites for low cost applications. In high end applications, Co-based amorphous, Fe-based amorphous and Fe-based Nanocrystalline
  • Optimize Power Factor Correction Inductors
    . Inductors called chokes are used as parts of filters in power supplies, or to block AC signals from passing through a circuit. Almost any style of power inductor can be used for Power Factor Correction, but for this analysis, toroidal inductors are used. Toroidal inductors offer higher performance than
  • Key Considerations for Medical Device Design
    Considerations. Precision, Inc is a leader in the design and manufacture of magnetic components for the medical industry, including medical isolation transformers, toroidal power transformers, power inductors and rf coils and antennas. Precision, Inc. understands the crucial responsibility that comes

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