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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
ARM601-4 Global Industrial Durofix Inc. Not Provided Ac Delco 1/2" Drive Digital Torque Wrench
ARM602-4 Global Industrial Durofix Inc. Not Provided Ac Delco 1/2" Drive Torque Measurement Adapter
ARM601-3 Global Industrial Durofix Inc. Not Provided Ac Delco 3/8" Drive Digital Torque Wrench
K-8909 Allied Electronics, Inc. IDEAL Not Provided POWER BLADE TORQUE ARM ASSY
HBC1061 Hayes Trading Co. NASCO INDUSTRIES TOOL SUPPORTS FOR AIR & ELECTRIC TOOLS: OPTIONAL BENCH CLAMP Telescoping 2 Stage Torque Reaction Arm Optional Bench Clamp HBC1061 - Tool supports, air tool support, electric tool support, telescoping tool, HBC1061
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  • Torque Arm for SMSR - White Paper (.pdf)
    In the power transmission industry, shaft mounted speed reducers provide one possible solution to meet the speed reduction/power generation needs for an application. As the name implies, a Shaft Mounted Speed Reducer (also known more simply as SMSR) is a speed reducer mounted directly onto, and
  • Protecting Operators from Torque Reaction
    Arms. This method of solving the issue of torque reaction is different from the above, in that rather than mount a device on the tool you can mount the tool onto an additional support device, a torque arm. The ergonomic design of the torque arms reduces RMI (repetitive motion injury) and CTS (carpal
  • Torque Wrench Extension Calculator
    When you put an extension on a torque wrench, like a crow foot or a dog bone, the torque applied to the fastener increases, since the lever arm increases. Use the calculator below to find what value you should set into the wrench to achieve the required fastener torque You must have Java enabled
  • Torque Sensor Application - Prosthetic Limbs
    transducer in line with a stepper motor is providing torque & position feedback to an electronic feedback controller/wireless device. This feedback mechanism allows the person to have normal arm movements with control. Similar systems can also be setup within the knee to provide extra stability
  • Torque Sensors: An Overview of their Design and Application (.pdf)
    change is proportional to the deformation of the torque sensor. and therefore the applied torque. The four-arm Wheatstone Bridge configuration shown below depicts the strain gage geometry. used in the torque sensor structures. This configuration allows for temperature compensation. and cancellation
  • Torque Telemetry Goes Digital
    that deform in a predictable and repeatable manner with the application of torque. Strain gages mounted on the structure in a four-arm Wheatstone-bridge configuration translate the degree of deformation into a voltage signal. Of course, the torque sensor still
  • Torque motors do the trick
    . The large diameter helps the motor develop high torque levels. It gives the motor a large lever arm to generate high levels of torque. The large diameter also provides ample room along the circumference for powerful rare-earth magnets. As an extreme example, a torque motor for a telescope drive has
  • Force/torque sensors help industrial robots make the right moves
    Knowing what load levels robots exert is key to more repeatable, safer operation. Feedback from force/torque sensors (black cylinder mounted on arm end) gives robots the delicate touch needed for operations such as this camera function test. An industrial PC controls the robot and documents test

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